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Brazil | Mar 2015 | 7:19
Director: Maria Clara Oliveira
A girl struggles with her sexuality while dealing with rejection.

Fearbury: How to Grow a Tiger Lily

Canada | Aug 2013 | 3:55
Director: Ian Sewall
Sam Fearbury and his grandson Finn navigate their way through the legend of the tiger lily. It sometimes takes a donkey and a good fear to start a gro...
Image from In the Course of Life

In the Course of Life

Austria | Sep 2005 | 7:29
Director: Tilman-Otto Wagner
The filmmaker is reflecting, creating and questioning the intersecting levels of reality and illusion, which spring from the spirit of cinematic form,...
Image from Shadow Play

Shadow Play

Philippines | Sep 2013 | 4:27
Director: Bernard Jay Mercado
Human psychometry is the ability to see fragments of a person's memories with a single touch. Seth is a human psychometrist, and he uses his ability i...
Image from Non Toccate Questa Casa

Non Toccate Questa Casa

Italy | Apr 2017 | 18:00
Director: Americo Melchionda
A family, crippled by debts, is faced with the repossession of their home. A bailiff is coming. In desperation, they threaten to blow it to pieces.
7 awards

Churrasco Misto

Brazil | Jul 2014 | 1:00
Directors: Fabiano Soares, Gabriel Pinho de Almeida
Is it a butt? No! Is it a tunnel? No! What the hell is this? This is Hell de Janeiro. A not so friendly city.

Open House

United States | Jul 2015 | 7:53
Director: Dennis Johnson
Competing husband and wife real estate agents try to sell a house to various families.

The Major

Spain | May 2010 | 10:54
Director: Albert Case
In 1939, a German officer is plotting to assassinate Hitler.


Sri Lanka | Dec 2016 | 16:16
Director: Akash Sk
A girl with total recall of her sensory memory is blackmailed into locating another Eidetic in order to save her terminally ill mother until she disco...
Image from Psychic Sue

Psychic Sue

Ireland | Aug 2013 | 12:49
Director: Dave Lojek
A fraudster psychic is visited by a real ghost in her Dublin séance, so she needs to find a real medium as well.
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