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Vivid Dreams, Looking for Arthur C. Clarke

Italy | 2009
Director: Stefano Rebechi
An Italian film director travels to Sri Lanka, where Clarke lived, in an attempt to speak to him. After a long wait, spent wandering around the countr...
Image from Counsellor


Australia | Jul 2014 | 1:30
Director: Venetia Taylor
A woman needs help.
Image from Apples


Switzerland | Apr 2010 | 13:51
Director: Brunella Steger
A bride on the way to the church is kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend who tries – in agreement with her mother – to make her change her mind.
Image from Luis y Luisa

Luis y Luisa

Spain | May 2012 | 12:52
Director: Alejandro Cano Escribano
Luis is the XXI Century Don Juan. A man with a prodigious speech able to charm women in minutes. Luisa is an outgoing and friendly girl who likes to l...
Image from (En)Terrados


Spain | Jan 2009 | 11:23
Director: Alex Lora
There’s no choice to find a flat on the entirely town. Three characters will try to find an alternative place to rest in peace...
Image from Peluquero Futbolero

Peluquero Futbolero

Spain | Jan 2012 | 12:55
Director: Juan Manuel Aragón
Pelayo wants to return home groomed and clean-shaven. It's late and he's lost. He manages to find a hairdresser, open. But his salvation turns to nigh...
5 awards

Helland: L'inferno Terrestre

Italy | Sep 2012 | 23:06
Director: Alessio Messina
A young man has survived a Holocaust caused by madness, insanity and fear. In the year 2026, what was intended as the breakthrough scientific discover...
Image from 2ºA


Spain | Jan 2012 | 3:51
Director: Alfonso Díaz
Olga is just the woman Jon needs for his movie.
10 awards
Image from Palabras Pendientes

Palabras Pendientes

Spain | Mar 2013 | 11:22
Director: Juan Carlos Guerra
Lucía and Marta are a couple that is going through a crucial and difficult moment in their respective lives. Their relationship is affected and they a...
1 award
Image from Le Maillot de Cristiano

Le Maillot de Cristiano

Belgium | Feb 2011 | 16:48
Director: Vincent Bruno
Tom and Ptit Lu, two 11-year old children, dream of buying the same shirt as their idol, Cristiano Ronaldo.
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