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Image from Above All Things

Above All Things

Belgium | Jun 2008 | 15:12
Director: Stien De Vrieze
Tine and Jonas have an adorable two-year-old son. They both want a second child, but Tine is determined to have a baby girl. Jonas goes along with her...
Image from Melódrama


Spain | Sep 2013 | 11:51
Director: Joaquín Gil
In a day like any other, and due to a mysterious chance, a new friendship between a farmer and a melon is born. Who'd have thought it?
Image from The First Yugoslavian Cosmonaut

The First Yugoslavian Cosmonaut

Netherlands | Apr 2012 | 3:40
Directors: Rene Nuijens, Steve Korver
On April 12 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space. This made a Belgrade boy start dreaming of becoming Yugoslavian Cosmonaut #1.
Image from Krokodile Ohne Sattel

Krokodile Ohne Sattel

Germany | Nov 2012 | 15:30
Director: Britta Wandaogo
In the cosmos of Kaddi, there are no "correct" explanations - Why, how come, how? In her "mind game", she merges foreign with familiar and brings the ...
Image from Gotas de Fumaça

Gotas de Fumaça

Brazil | Nov 2013 | 21:35
Director: Ane Siderman
Bibi lives alone with in her apartment, she decides to help her neighbor Juliet in a crisis. They create a relationship that ends up surpassing limits
33 awards
Image from I Gode Og Onde Dager

I Gode Og Onde Dager

Norway | Jun 2011 | 14:48
Director: Christopher Fischer
A man is unhappily married and decides to kill his wife. He does so, only to find her alive and well every time he returns to their apartment.


Italy | Dec 2012 | 15:00
Director: Margherita Spampinato
A nine year old girl plays with friends and goes to school in the town she lives in. Among all the games, she will find a new, secret and mysterious o...
Image from Devils, Angels and Dating

Devils, Angels and Dating

United States | Jan 2012 | 8:13
Director: Michael Cawood
Devil wants Cupid's job, but a battle for Death's affections has catastrophic results below the Heavens.
2 awards
Image from Questions


Israel | Apr 2009 | 7:34
Director: Guy Ben-Ari
Dan has a few more hours, before going to the front lines of the "Gaza War" also known as operation "Cast Led".
Although surrounded by the relentless...
Image from O Céu No Andar De Baixo

O Céu No Andar De Baixo

Brazil | Nov 2010 | 15:00
Director: Leonardo Cata Preta
Since the 12-year-old Francisco make sky photographs. One day, something different appears in one of your photos changing his routine.
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