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La Settimana Prossima

Italy | Sep 2009 | 11:00
Director: Andrea Monzani
A man stares into the drawn lines of his pencil to relive a reality he lost on a ordinary family day. It's a journey through the illusions of a man, w...

Awfully Deep

United Kingdom | Jul 2010 | 12:30
Director: Daniel Florencio
Posh family live a nice life in the suburbs. One day and without warning, stinky, brown, doughy 'stuff' starts appearing outside their home.

Sofá Verde

Brazil | Apr 2010 | 8:20
Directors: Lucas Cassales, Arno Schuh
Two guys carry a sofa around the town.
Image from Ruprecht


United States | Apr 2014 | 10:46
Director: Yangzom Brauen
The City of LA is not enforcing the law. Illegal leaf blowers have taken over. One man stands up for justice and finds romance in an unexpected way.
Image from Welk


Germany | Mar 2011 | 21:15
Director: Daniel Vogelmann
For the retired couple Winfried and Lydia, the day begins like any other. Lydia is annoyed with her husband and Winfried takes refuge in nature. While...
Image from Síðasti Bærinn

Síðasti Bærinn

Iceland | 2004 | 15:00
Director: Rúnar Rúnarsson
In a remote valley, all the farms except one have been abandoned.


United States | May 2011 | 13:30
Director: Dawn Westlake
Love on the fast track rarely makes it to the home stretch.
Image from Ente, Tod und Tulpe

Ente, Tod und Tulpe

Germany | Jan 2010 | 10:30
Director: Matthias Bruhn
A duck meets the death. The death has plenty of time. So they start a talk whereby they learn a lot about themselves – and about life.

Um Conto À Deriva

Brazil | Jan 2011 | 15:24
Director: Germano Oliveira
Cássio is a photographer... but just today.

Les Mercredis de Rose

Canada | Apr 2010 | 25:00
Director: Guylaine Dionne
Every Wednesday, Rose cleans the house of a man she has never met. There, she slowly discovers his universe: a world with which she becomes infatuated...
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