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Image from Abuztua


Spain | Jan 2013 | 17:11
Director: Pello Gutierrez
Julen has to take care of his Grandma during the hot afternoons of a rainy summer. As the days go by, his initial indifference turns into curiosity.
Image from Amour Fou

Amour Fou

Germany | Jan 2010 | 16:00
Director: Oliver Kracht
Summer. At night. On the edge of the city. The unsuccessful small-time crook Marek flees from the police into a 24-hour launderette. He hides his prey...

Sofá Verde

Brazil | Apr 2010 | 8:20
Directors: Lucas Cassales, Arno Schuh
Two guys carry a sofa around the town.
Image from La Pelota de Fútbol

La Pelota de Fútbol

Uruguay | Nov 2009 | 10:56
Director: Laura González
A latin boy, a Moroccan boy and a Spanish girl want to play football together but their parents don't let them to relate to each other.
Image from In the Name of My Peace

In the Name of My Peace

United States | Apr 2011 | 23:00
Director: Rolando Felizola
Alex was a man convinced that only romantic love would cure his pain and give him that long searched-for sense of peace and happiness. After a string ...
Image from Tex: Vampire Hunter

Tex: Vampire Hunter

United States | Sep 2009 | 12:53
Director: Lautaro Gabriel Gonda
In a dark version of the Old West, a vampire-hunting gunslinger must confront his ex-lover, the leader of a coven of vampire prostitutes.

La Settimana Prossima

Italy | Sep 2009 | 11:00
Director: Andrea Monzani
A man stares into the drawn lines of his pencil to relive a reality he lost on a ordinary family day. It's a journey through the illusions of a man, w...

Come What May

France | May 2012 | 16:00
Directors: Mathieu Bergeron, Maxime Feyers
After a call from his wife, Paul is turned upside down.
Image from A.L.I.C.E.


United States | Oct 2010 | 15:00
Director: Dawn Westlake
Trying to forget something makes one think of nothing else.
Image from Goldfish


France | Nov 2006 | 6:05
Director: Irina Calero Bieberach
Raised by a negligent mother, Gracie escapes the harshness of her home reality by finding a new friend in a special present.
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