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Image from Último Recurso

Último Recurso

Peru | Oct 2010 | 8:55
Director: Barney Elliott
Without any further options, Cesar resorts to desperate measures. But when an ironic twist of fate foils his plan - in the heat of panic - Cesar must ...
Image from 5 Minutes

5 Minutes

Morocco | Nov 2013 | 17:27
Director: Ghouti Lakhdar
Said is a single and devoted father who cant turn down hes daughter wishes, not even work could keep him away from her left people questionig how can ...

Broken Nation: Severed Nation

United Kingdom | Aug 2013 | 10:05
Director: Noel J. Rainford
While on a scouting mission Don MacLeod encounters a ragtag group of mercenaries who have taken a Scottish woman hostage.
Image from Одраскан


Bulgaria | Nov 2011 | 10:00
Director: Victor Antonov
Michael’s whole day turns around, once he goes to the candidate student exam well prepared and confident. There he meets Anna - an attractive girl who...
Image from Bollocks


United Kingdom | Sep 2012 | 14:15
Director: Simon J. Riley
Bob is a loser with bad luck and works in a dead end office job. When his boss sends him out on a coffee run, chaos ensues.
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Turkey | Apr 2010 | 20:00
Director: Recep Özkan
In this film, a pseudohermaphrodite girl's story is told about.


United Kingdom | 2005 | 20:00
Director: Avie Luthra
Lucky is a South African AIDS orphan who learns about life through an unlikely bond with a racist Indian woman.
Image from Lost in Manboo

Lost in Manboo

France | Jun 2015 | 9:04
Director: Jérôme Plan
A four-square-metre box with a screen and computer. This is what Japanese cyber-cafes offer, around the clock. Most customers just spend an hour or tw...
Image from Le Secret

Le Secret

Tunisia | Oct 2009 | 12:00
Director: Rocco Riccio
How can we know what is real and what is not? There is a secret that Sara want to know, or maybe not. Or maybe the secret that is hiding is ...

Um Degrau Pode Ser Um Mundo

Portugal | Mar 2009 | 11:23
Director: Daniel Lima
A woman discovers her sexuality and an artist discovers its vocation.
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