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Image from Goluzma


Spain | Nov 2012 | 8:18
Director: Jesús Monroy
Two love stories in the same place at different times.
Image from Deadlock


Finland | Aug 2006 | 39:40
Directors: Elias Lehtinen, John Åhman
Deep in a snow-laden forest stands a desolate tower. Within it, a folder lies hidden. John and his two friends have set out on a mission to obtain thi...
Image from Ah Ma

Ah Ma

Singapore | 2006
Director: Anthony Chen
Ah Ma is lying in the hospital, her life hanging by a thread. Her family gathers by her deathbed to send her off. Overwhelmed by sadness, they struggl...
Image from The All-American Alphabet

The All-American Alphabet

Belgium | Jun 2002 | 2:30
Director: Jonas Geirnaert
A fierce criticism on US imperialism.
Image from Bad Girl

Bad Girl

France | Jul 2014 | 10:00
Director: Arnaud Khayadjanian
On the brink of her 18th birthday, Mathilde must come to terms with the monster that haunts her at night.
Image from Zacarías 14:12

Zacarías 14:12

Venezuela | Sep 2012 | 16:31
Director: Federico Dib
Four secluded survivors of a terrible pandemic, have to make a choice when they find out apocalypse has begun.

Onde Você Vai?

Brazil | Oct 2010 | 15:00
Director: Victor Fisch
Elias and Sonia are an old couple staring at the clock in the living room. It is a world of its own, of daily activities and questioning memories, the...
Image from Alice


United States | May 2016 | 6:43
Director: Kari Lee Cartwright
A quirky dancer lives in her imagination longing to make her dreams a reality, but her traditional Korean parents have other plans in mind.

Encuentros Afortunados

Spain | Jun 2010 | 3:50
Director: Pau Cantos Simón
Un mensaje escrito en un periodico parece ser la solucion a dos parejas a punto de romperse.
Image from Gelecek!


Turkey | Nov 2012 | 4:22
Director: Erol Çelik
The developing technology penetrate in our lives as fast as it imprisoned us.
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