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Image from The Scab

The Scab

United States | Jun 2007 | 1:45
Director: Jim Minton
A deformed child works as a sideshow freak.
Image from Kallah


United Kingdom | Jun 2007 | 15:16
Director: Miri Shapiro
All the details for Sarah's arranged marriage have been settled. She is now about to go through the religious rituals of becoming a "Kosher Jewish bri...

Lac Lupi

France | Mar 2010 | 10:56
Director: Eva Lorenzo
The most solid cages are the ones that we build ourselves...

Eyes Kept Shut

United States | Nov 2012 | 6:07
Director: Nolan Osmond
A troubled father dismisses an antibiotic for a newly discovered virus. His son becomes sick with the virus and accidentally ingests the antibiotic.


India | Apr 2014 | 11:34
Director: Rintu Chatterjee
A educated middle class youth, under unavoidable circumstances, is forced to join a developing chit fund company as he finds a job of a salesman in a ...
Image from Mauvaise Lune

Mauvaise Lune

Belgium | Sep 2011 | 28:00
Directors: Meryl Fortunat-Rossi, Xavier Seron
Jean-Paul is different. His father is her mother. He deeply loves dogs. But he prefers beer. When the moon is bright, Jean-Paul lights up too. Tomorro...

The Major

Spain | May 2010 | 10:54
Director: Albert Case
In 1939, a German officer is plotting to assassinate Hitler.
Image from Bodegón


Spain | Aug 2010 | 5:12
Director: Tucker Davila Wood
I started painting again. “Still-lifes”.
Leave a message after the tone.
2 awards
Image from Balonul


Moldova | Sep 2012 | 16:58
Director: Sergiu Ciorescu
After the parents left the home country for working abroad, a young woman of 17 years old was left to take care of her ill grandfather, which is force...
Image from Legend of the Seven Bloody Torturers

Legend of the Seven Bloody Torturers

Canada | Nov 2007 | 5:00
Director: Conall Pendergast
A wicked little tale of pain, suffering, and fudging the numbers.
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