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India | Aug 2014 | 4:23
Director: Krunal Palande
A man talks about a presence that haunts him in his house.

Cop Story

United States | Mar 2009 | 2:28
Director: Rusty Trevino
Two detectives work to track down a serial killer...will they find him in time?
Image from Loved One

Loved One

United Kingdom | Oct 2009 | 9:34
Director: Lalit Bhusal
Normal day in a elderly person’s life, going through his daily routine. A stormy day; he is polishing his treasured artifacts in his drawing room and ...

One Step Further

Germany | Jul 2009 | 5:48
Directors: Florian Kuhn, Robert Kellner
A policeman torn between his paternal love and his official duty.

Uccidere la Libertà

Italy | May 2013 | 3:30
Director: Patrice Makabu
Gli spazi urbani, il vivere la città attraverso gli occhi delle persone che giorno dopo giorno combattono contro le barriere arc

Phone Story

Belgium | Apr 2009 | 16:00
Director: Berivan Binevsa
Mémo, a kurdish immigrant in Bruxelles, is managing a phone shop in the city.

Vicious Circle

Greece | Feb 2012 | 5:37
Director: Sotiris Georgantas
On an ordinary day, an ordinary guy is on his way to his work. While he is walking three people confuse him with a candidate politician. They begin to...
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Germany | Mar 2007 | 5:06
Director: Thorsten Fleisch
The tv/video screen comes alive by a controlled beam of electrons in the cathode ray tube. For 'energie!' an uncontrolled high voltage discharge of ap...


United States | Oct 2015 | 5:21
Director: Edmond Marchetti
A girl stumbles upon a mysterious vacant film showing. She begins to see herself on the screen from earlier in the evening. Four figures appear in the...

Bitter and Sweet

India | Mar 2013 | 3:57
Director: Shailendra Kumar
A mime portraying a human being shows bitter and sweet part of life through different experiences which culminates in introspection.
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