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Image from Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

United States | May 2007 | 4:14
Director: Lidia Sheinin
Is there ever really a happy end?
Image from Die Legionens Der Fuhrer Von Gott

Die Legionens Der Fuhrer Von Gott

United Kingdom | May 2007
Director: Laura Seymour
A 'found film' brought back to life: Discovered in Eastern Europe in the late 1990's this rare piece of Nazi propaganda has been recreated with an int...

Le Baiser

France | 2005 | 5:00
Director: Stéfan Le Lay
A young woman is waiting for her beloved for their first french kiss, when suddenly everything turns upside down.
Image from Escape from Midwich Valley

Escape from Midwich Valley

France | Dec 2014 | 8:56
Director: Pierre-Henri Debies
Back in the place of her childhood, in an oddly sinister port city, a young woman plagued with traumatic memories will discover that her destiny is ev...
Image from Spaghetti Für Zwei

Spaghetti Für Zwei

Germany | May 2011 | 18:31
Director: Matthias Rosenberger
When losers win.
Image from Hombre Máquina

Hombre Máquina

Spain | May 2011 | 14:47
Directors: Roser Corella, Alfonso Moral
In the capital of Bangladesh, the "machine men" execute different physical works, a mass of millions of people who become the driving force behind the...
Image from Le Feuillu

Le Feuillu

France | Dec 2008 | 16:10
Director: Rémy Cayuela
Patrick and Marie have been seeing each other only for a fornight. Marie offers Patrick to spend a romantic weekend in her family house in the country...
Image from All Men's Dead

All Men's Dead

United Kingdom | Mar 2012 | 18:01
Director: David Simpson
"As the German blitz raids reach their 39th day further air raids are to be expected at anytime..." At BBC broadcasting House, Bruce Belfrage and the ...
Image from Le Courrier du Parc

Le Courrier du Parc

France | Jul 2008 | 9:00
Director: Agnès Caffin
In a park, a young man employs a child to go and talk to his fiancée. The child attempts, in his own way, to re-establish the dialogue between the cou...
Image from Diagnoz


Ukraine | Feb 2009 | 14:45
Director: Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy
When drug courier Petia and his pregnant girlfriend got into a militia raid, he did not suspect that his conflict with the law was not the least serio
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