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Image from Погружение В Огонь

Погружение В Огонь

Russia | Apr 2012 | 17:36
Director: Hamlet Dulyan
1915. Near the city of Mush, the Ottoman Empire. Times of destruction of the Armenians. Turkish soldier (Aydin) comes to the house of an Armenia famil...
Image from Rio de Mulheres

Rio de Mulheres

Brazil | Sep 2009 | 21:49
Directors: Joana Oliveira, Cristina Maure
In a very dry environment, where water is scarce, women live only among children and other women.


Israel | 2005 | 16:00
Director: Tsivia Barkai
Vika comes home for the weekend after having been away at boarding school for a long time. At home she is greeted by her little sister, lying in filth...
Image from Patients


New Zealand | Feb 2006 | 11:25
Directors: Sam Corban, Jeremy Birchall
In the final hours before major surgery, a woman contemplates her mortality. Deep in the unconscious, another patient comes to terms with her own pass...

El Takheekh

Palestine | Oct 2007 | 7:00
Director: Ihab Jadallah
Cinema is not the reflection of the reality, its the reality of the reflection.


Portugal | Oct 2014 | 8:10
Directors: Nuno Bouça, Ana Bossa
Manuel Costa Dias is a puppeteer who has masterfully created a unique universe which praises the virtues of human nature through personification, in a...

Recycled Life

United States | 2006 | 38:00
Director: Leslie Iwerks
A journey into Central America's largest and most toxic landfill, the Guatemala City Garbage Dump where thousands of adults and children have been liv...
Image from Time Machine

Time Machine

United States | Jan 2010 | 11:09
Director: Mark Kendall
Amidst the din of Grand Central Terminal, a watchmaker from Honduras quietly muses on the nature of time.


France | Jul 2005 | 10:00
Director: Édouard Salier
The Empire unveils everything but sees nothing. Its enemies idealize everything but tolerate nothing. For some, the earthly orgasm of virtual whores. ...
Image from Gatves Vaikai

Gatves Vaikai

Lithuania | Jun 2013 | 18:30
Director: Darius Silenas
Ieva is an orphan and belongs to a street gang. The gang, led by violent and abusive Marius, makes a living by robbing wealthy men after Ieva had sedu...
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