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Image from The Saxon New World

The Saxon New World

United States | Oct 2012 | 30:00
Director: H. Paul Moon
Unprepared for the harsh conditions of America in 1838, and dismayed by the scandal of their leader Martin Stephan, the Saxons persevered to sow the s...

Safety First!

United Kingdom | Aug 2010 | 2:40
Director: Emma Stickland
Playing it safe can sometimes be a dangerous game.

Wrong Place

Canada | May 2014 | 6:21
Director: Rocko Paolo
A rastafarian is begging for cigarettes. A well dressed black man arrives, waiting for someone. Three mobsters show up and wonder what these two are d...


United States | Oct 2013 | 16:33
Director: Joshua Gallegos
A woman in an abusive relationship is helped by a stranger who happens to be in town to visit the grave of his departed daughter, he takes it upon him...

The Once and Future Bride

United States | Jan 2011 | 26:24
Director: Maria Collette Sundeen
While choosing a wedding dress, a young woman, her best friend and her mother explore the meaning behind making life choices. Combined with the story ...
Image from Ariane - Je Suis Chatte

Ariane - Je Suis Chatte

France | Jul 2012 | 3:43
Director: Elisabeth Renault-Geslin
A woman compares herself to a cat.

Channel 31

Ireland | Mar 2010 | 10:41
Director: Dermot Tynan
A tale of Cosmo, Emily & their recently-dead brother Felix.
Image from Automaton


United States | Apr 2008 | 5:30
Director: Brian Delizareaux
A robot butterfly makes a journey to the city of light during a time of war on a distant planet.
Image from ...and then there's Claude.

...and then there's Claude.

Australia | Feb 2009 | 8:35
Director: Joseph Pantaleo
Claude Tomisich is an uninspiring underdog and Liberal party candidate fighting to win an unwinnable election in the safe Labour seat of Wills.
Image from Rain for Morgan

Rain for Morgan

Australia | May 2010 | 19:30
Director: Marisa Brown
Forced from her home and trapped in the desolation of the outback, Morgan longs to return to the safety of her previous life. But unless she free hers...
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