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Image from Big Day of Fishing

Big Day of Fishing

United States | Apr 2009 | 9:48
Director: Tim Cawley
When two old friends head out for a day of deep-sea fishing, it's anything but a leisurely outing.
Image from Even


Australia | Apr 2010 | 9:22
Director: Alexei Mizin
On a typical morning Mike receives a distress call for help. Compelled by the past, Mike is soon forced to come face to face with his memories and fea...
Image from Animowana historia Polski

Animowana historia Polski

Poland | Apr 2010 | 8:00
Director: Tomek Baginski
Journey through the thousand-year long history of Poland: from the state of Piast dynasty to the Round Table Talks, the fall of communism and access t...
Image from Motodrom


Germany | Jan 2006 | 9:00
Director: Joerg Wagner
The world of the hell riders in their wooden barrel: men and motorbikes, speed and stunts, gasoline and adrenaline.
Image from Tea-Break


United Kingdom | Nov 2011 | 5:00
Director: Iain Cash
Two work men on a job, take a tea break they will never forget.
Image from Exodus


Serbia | Aug 2010 | 7:18
Director: Marko Vukosav
Learning to be free

The Missing Marionette

Greece | Jun 2010 | 16:42
Director: Roula Koutrouli
When his life is only a nightmare and her life is only a dream, the young marionetist finds a place to be.
Image from Death Wish

Death Wish

Canada | Sep 2010 | 11:00
Director: Chad Costen
Death touches a little girl's soul by granting her fondest wish on Christmas Eve.

A Love Story

United States | Feb 2013 | 10:53
Director: Rafael Gutierrez
A bully is kidnapped by an autistic thirty year old and is forced to answer a question no one would ever want to answer. Would you have sex with your ...
Image from Windigo Revolution

Windigo Revolution

United States | Oct 2015 | 14:00
Director: Matthew Barber
In the midst of the American Revolution an eccentric man unknowingly provokes a Sasquatch while on a direct mission to deliver an important military d...
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