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Time to Home

Ukraine | May 2011 | 6:30
Directors: Ryzhykov Artem, Fedor Aleksandrovich
A little boy plays on a snowy field, running around like a flying aircraft, hovering in the sky.
Image from Robutanje Koruze

Robutanje Koruze

Slovenia | Feb 2009 | 11:00
Director: Martin Turk
What happens if you are caught by the owner while stealing the corn?
Image from Fliper


Croatia | Jul 2012 | 7:30
Director: Darko Vidackovic
As though in a dynamic pinball game, the trajectory of the ball after launching is undetermined. The player’s actions direct the ball, make sense of i...
Image from Ethereal Chrysalis

Ethereal Chrysalis

Canada | Jun 2011 | 10:00
Director: Syl Disjonk
A schizophrenic has a surreal nightmare.
Image from Barcode


Netherlands | 2001 | 8:00
Director: Adriaan Lokman
A roadmovie through an abstract virtual world. Travelling over and through landscapes the spectator is taken in a play of light and shade.

Things You'd Better Not Mix Up

Netherlands | Sep 2010 | 2:10
Director: Joost Lieuwma
A series of things you'd better not mix up.
Image from Little Red

Little Red

United Kingdom | Jun 2011 | 5:00
Director: Ben Barton
“If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise. If you go down to the woods today, you'd better go in disguise…”
Image from Tornistan


France | Apr 2014 | 3:00
Director: Ayce Kartal
June 2013. Demonstrators occupy Istanbul's Taksim Gezi park . While the tension and police brutality rise in the streets, the turkish TV broadcasts do...

Film Noir

United Kingdom | 2005 | 3:00
Director: Osbert Parker
A fantastic not-so black-and-white chase sequence made of classic film noir moments collaged into a highly imaginative series of stop motion worlds, e...
Image from To Horio

To Horio

Greece | Feb 2010 | 14:10
Director: Stelios Polychronakis
A doctor mysteriously discovers that he is required urgently at the village. He arrives there after a long and difficult journey, only to find that th...
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