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Image from One Fine Day

One Fine Day

India | Jul 2014 | 4:57
Director: Devansh Doshi
One fine day, D sets out to soak in the magnificence that people usually turn a blind eye to.
Image from Passagens


Brazil | Jun 2012 | 10:44
Director: Thaís de Almeida Prado
Three women are in the midst of absolute dryness. Steps in the midst of nature, the silhouette of a body through the vastness of the world, small priv...
Image from Drwal


Poland | Jan 2011 | 14:47
Director: Pawel Debski
On the shore of a great ocean, surrounded by colossal cliffs and a forest reaching almost past the horizon, lives a father and his son. The father is ...
Image from Büyüteç


Turkey | Aug 2009 | 4:56
Director: Orkan Bayram
A magnifier spends a sunny day in the park... On his first time in a park, tragedic events happen to 'The Magnifier'. Because of his physical attribut...
Image from Yes, You're Alone

Yes, You're Alone

United States | Nov 2008 | 0:30
Director: Diogo Kalil
A character looking for somebody.
Image from Sillage


United States | Oct 2010 | 2:49
Director: Anthony Hampton
A girl. A box.

Sleepwalker Romance

Turkey | Jun 2014 | 4:38
Director: Doruk Erduran
A boy leaves a dandelion on the grass. He is walking, sitting on a bank, looking at his clock, then looking up. When he looks up he sees the sleepwalk...
Image from Glukhota


Ukraine | Feb 2010 | 11:00
Director: Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy
A 10-minute episode in the life of deaf-and-dumb boarding school inmates is reconstructed in real time.

Coyote Falls

United States | 2010
Director: Matthew O'Callaghan
Road Runner vs. Wile E. Coyote.
Image from The Storymaker

The Storymaker

Australia | Feb 2009 | 12:00
Director: Emma Rozanski
A dark fable about a woman who kills herself with her imagination.
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