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Image from Maestro


Hungary | 2004 | 4:25
Director: Géza M Tóth
Five minutes before the big performance, the maestro is getting ready behind the curtains. Time is slowly ticking away...

The Little Matchgirl

United States | 2006
Director: Roger Allers
The poor street urchin of Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale finds visions of happiness in the flames of the matches she lights to keep warm.
Image from Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty

Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty

Ireland | 2008
Director: Nicky Phelan
Granny O'Grimm, a seemingly sweet old lady, loses the plot as she tells her version of Sleeping Beauty to her terrified Granddaughter.


United States | 2004 | 12:20
Director: Talmage Cooley
Mike is a blind teenager who is just trying to keep it together amid the decaying rust-belt factories and neighborhoods of Buffalo, New York. Commissi...
Image from Nawewe


Belgium | 2010
Director: Ivan Goldschmidt
1994, civil war in Burundi. A genocide conflict opposes a rebellion driven by a majority of ethnic Hutus and a national army composed of a majority of...
Image from Day and Night

Day and Night

United States | 2010 | 6:03
Director: Teddy Newton
When Day, a sunny fellow, encounters Night, a stranger of distinctly darker moods, sparks fly. Day and Night are suspicious of each other at first and...
Image from First Flight

First Flight

United States | 2006 | 8:00
Directors: Kyle Jefferson, Cameron Hood
An uptight businessman learns to break free from his apprehensions after a fleeting encounter with a baby bird.
Image from Le Petit Dragon

Le Petit Dragon

France | Apr 2009 | 8:15
Director: M Bruno Collet
Thirty-five years after Bruce Lee’s death, his soul réincarnates in a little doll. With self-confidence, the rubber-made toy leaves to discover the gr...

A Gentlemen's Duel

United States | 2006 | 8:00
Directors: Sean McNally, Francisco Ruiz
A seemingly innocent tea party takes a turn for the dramatic when two imperious aristocrats suddenly find themselves competing for the affections of t...
Image from The Shore

The Shore

United Kingdom | 2011
Director: Terry George
Two boyhood best friends from Northern Ireland reunite after 25 years.
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