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France | 2007 | 2:29
Directors: Emud Mokhberi, Quentin Marmier, Thierry Marchand, Olivier Delabarre, François Xavier Chanioux, Julien Bocabeille
Two octopuses help each other in their comical escape from the grasp of a stubborn restaurant cook. However, even after overcoming insurmountable odds...
Image from Spitfire 944

Spitfire 944

United States | 2006 | 14:30
Director: William Lorton
In 2005, an 83 year old WWII pilot views 16mm footage of his 1944 Spitfire crash for the first time.
Image from Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty

Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty

Ireland | 2008
Director: Nicky Phelan
Granny O'Grimm, a seemingly sweet old lady, loses the plot as she tells her version of Sleeping Beauty to her terrified Granddaughter.
Image from Wish 143

Wish 143

United Kingdom | 2009 | 24:00
Director: Ian Barnes
A fifteen-year-old boy with only months to live is granted one wish from the Dreamscape Charity, but David doesn't want to go to Disneyland or meet Ga...

Vagabond Shoes

United Kingdom | 2005 | 19:00
Director: Jackie Oudney
A chance occurrence gives Alex, an enigmatic homeless man, the opportunity to enter a high society gathering. There, the layers of his personality and...

Geri's Game

United States | 1998 | 4:59
Director: Jan Pinkava
An ageing codger named Geri plays a day-long game of chess in the park against himself. Somehow, he begins losing to his livelier opponent. But just w...

Helmer and Son

Denmark | 2006
Directors: Kim Magnusson, Soren Pilmark
A busy son is called to the rest home where his father has locked himself inside an armoire.
Image from Nawewe


Belgium | 2010
Director: Ivan Goldschmidt
1994, civil war in Burundi. A genocide conflict opposes a rebellion driven by a majority of ethnic Hutus and a national army composed of a majority of...
Image from A Girl and a Gun

A Girl and a Gun

United Kingdom | Jun 2007 | 17:00
Director: David L. G. Hughes
Welcome to Southend - the Las Vegas of the Third World!

The Door

Ireland | 2008 | 16:49
Director: Juanita Wilson
A father desperately attempts to come to terms with the devastating effects of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.
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