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Austria | Aug 2003 | 19:00
Director: Adrian Miszczak
Jede Person stellt einen Waggon dar. Die Kupplungen der Waggons sind bestimmte Wörter, die aus dem Text der gefilmten Personen entnommen wurden.


Sweden | Dec 2009 | 28:00
Directors: Mimmi Spång, Maja Lindström
The Lindstrom family, artists and participants in the 1968 protests, move to a bourgeois suburb of Stockholm in the early 80s.
Image from Malcolm


Sweden | 2002 | 18:00
Director: Baker Karim
Malcolm lives in a commen lodging house, roaming the streets and managing to get along by stelling surplus stock products. He has lost touch with his ...
Image from Man Får Säga Udda

Man Får Säga Udda

Finland | Sep 2011 | 26:03
Director: Anna-Sofia Nylund
Recently a group of people with an alternative lifestyle have moved to the small village Uddebo. The people in the municipality are shocked by the new...
2 awards
Image from Förträngd


Sweden | Dec 2010 | 14:45
Director: Jimmy Olsson
Kristoffer is on a night bus with his girlfriend and another couple. When a very drunk young couple go on the bus, it reveals something of Kristoffer ...
Image from Certified


Sweden | Sep 2013 | 5:30
Director: Sten Rosendahl
A man needs to comply with the strict rules of the state.
Image from Glaspärlan


Finland | Jan 2017 | 15:02
Director: Tommi Seitajoki
A 12-year-old boy plunders garbage cans in a suburb, searching for something that might lead to a reward.
Image from In Mot Natten

In Mot Natten

Finland | Sep 2013 | 14:16
Director: Tommi Seitajoki
A man bears witness to a crime of violence. He tries to forget what he has seen, but his conscience forces him to act.

Insane Madness

Sweden | Mar 2014 | 17:44
Director: Aksel Dalili
A young couple on a private excavation in a remote cabin find an object that will make them question reality and everything they've ever known. Horror...

Rött Ljus

Sweden | May 2009 | 10:45
Director: Jerry Carlsson
A divorced couple have to go in the same car to their grandchild's lucia show. On their way to the church they stop at a strange traffic light. When t...
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