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Image from Times New Romance

Times New Romance

Sweden | Aug 2011 | 6:55
Director: Martin Åhlin
The Author is a man that is not entirely satisfied with his current life. One night he has a dream that gets him to actually question if it not would ...
Image from In Mot Natten

In Mot Natten

Finland | Sep 2013 | 14:16
Director: Tommi Seitajoki
A man bears witness to a crime of violence. He tries to forget what he has seen, but his conscience forces him to act.
Image from Malcolm


Sweden | 2002 | 18:00
Director: Baker Karim
Malcolm lives in a commen lodging house, roaming the streets and managing to get along by stelling surplus stock products. He has lost touch with his ...
Image from Men


Sweden | Oct 2012 | 0:13
Director: Abbe Hassan
Three men in their thirties, who have been friends all their lives, don’t want to do nothing more than hang out with each other. This day will change ...
Image from Apart


Canada | Jan 2010 | 7:30
Director: Richard Martin
A rain-washed liminal study. Scenes captured through a car windshield draw a tenuous connection to the world.

Hennes Svarta Vingar

Sweden | Jan 2013 | 28:30
Director: Martin Åhlin
One day Mikael finds a beautiful and naked woman passed out outside on his meadow. This woman seems to have fallen from the sky.

Insane Madness

Sweden | Mar 2014 | 17:44
Director: Aksel Dalili
A young couple on a private excavation in a remote cabin find an object that will make them question reality and everything they've ever known. Horror...

Dead Love

Sweden | Dec 2012 | 23:15
Director: Fredrik Lindau
An ordinary evening on the city's local bath and spa. Everyone has stopped working for the day and the caretaker begins his evening shift. Many things...

09:55 - 11:05, Ingrid Ekman, Bergsgatan 4b

Sweden | Dec 2014 | 14:52
Directors: Cristine Berglund, Sophie Vukovic
67 year old Ingrid has decided to deal with cancer on her own. She retreats from the outside world and it retreats from her - apart from sporadic visi...

Scen Nr: 6882 Ud Mitt Liv

Sweden | 2005 | 9:00
Director: Ruben Östlund
A 30-years old man is celebrating Midsummer's eve together with friends on the west coast of Sweden. He makes his friends come and watch as he is goin...
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