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Tabloid Baby

United States | Oct 2014 | 24:15
Directors: Quin O'Brien, Mandy Moran
An awkward young woman finds her world upended by the arrival of two very different European brothers.
Image from Метафора


Russia | Jan 2013 | 10:14
Director: Dmitry Goryachev
A man has to make a choice. He is an artist and paints a portrait of the girl who once again criticized his work. What decision will the artist to do ...


Ukraine | May 2011 | 9:03
Director: Denis Gamzinov
What if you fall in love with a beautiful dancer? Should you join her in a dance just to say “I love you”.
Image from F5


Russia | Sep 2012 | 33:20
Director: Timofei Zhalnin
Kate and Galya are two students of Chelyabinsk Institute of Culture. They are sent to an international festival with the choreographic performance. Gi...

дневник Забытой Души

Russia | Feb 2012 | 9:53
Director: Mikhail Dementyev
A guy died before he understood it. But before the soul transfer between the worlds he still thought that he is alive. It's so really. But his alone t...
Image from Хэнд-мейд


Ukraine | Mar 2011 | 15:04
Director: Artur Kapinus
Alyosha, a boy of 11, finds old Soviet roller-skates. He remodels them with a colour scotch tape and arrives skating to the central park.

The Coat

Slovakia | Nov 2012 | 22:22
Director: Peter Magat
In Winter 1944, in the Slovakian mountains, advancing Russians force the Germans to retreat. It costs them a lot of soldiers' souls. Vasja, a shell-sh...


Russia | Jul 2014 | 23:00
Director: Michael Kulunakov
Each year, the boys 13-14 years old must pass the test, they have to catch a wild horse. Only in this way, overcoming his fear and soothe very nature,...
Image from Zvezda David

Zvezda David

Ukraine | May 2016 | 16:03
Director: Eugene Koshin
12-year-old Dinka goes to a conservative Jewish school. She falls head-over-heels in love with the actor David Travis and decides to marry him.


Norway | Jan 2016 | 21:00
Director: Dimitri Lurie
An ascetic meteorologist for many years lives and works on a distant meteorological station in a sort of a voluntary exile from the society he once be...
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