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Image from What If

What If

Canada | Jun 2005 | 5:10
Director: Marco Lucà
A man gets the opportunity to see his future, but he soon realizes it is not what he expected. A difficult choice awaits his path to destiny.
Image from Crossroads 2

Crossroads 2

Italy | Oct 2016 | 12:34
Director: Luca Grasso
The life of Eric (cunning trader) and his wife July (former model/entrepreneur and currently kept woman) is somehow intertwined with Alina's and her t...
Image from il Pacco

il Pacco

United Kingdom | Aug 2008 | 14:20
Director: Desideria Rayner
The owner of a modest jewel shop dreams of becoming very rich by selling a diamond in his possession.
Image from Remember


Italy | Jan 2010 | 14:30
Director: Andrea Zamburlin
J has a gift: he can travel through time. He keeps trying to repair his broken relationship with V. This
is going to be his last trip.
Image from Nella sua Mente

Nella sua Mente

Italy | Apr 2009 | 11:00
Director: Cristian Scardigno
A man goes out with his family and a young woman is taking artistic photos in a square. The fleeting meeting between the man and the woman takes place...
Image from La Decima Onda

La Decima Onda

Italy | May 2011 | 15:00
Director: Francesco Colangelo
When a foreigner came,
he was offered food,
a bed and we'd sit together,
around a fire,
listening to his tales
from far off lands
across the oce...

Il Pomodoro

Italy | Apr 2010 | 10:00
Director: Alessio Angelico
A tomato falls down and it becames involved in a complicated case of bureaucracy.
Image from Be Strong!

Be Strong!

Italy | Jan 2010 | 5:00
Director: Alessandro Del Bianco
A young man tries to put himself in a woman's shoes, suffering for violence.
Image from Pizzangrillo


Italy | Apr 2011 | 15:00
Director: Marco Gianfreda
Tired of life, Ettore (65) everyday tries to find the courage to drive himself and his three wheeler down a country ditch. When his grandson Luca (10)...
Image from Red Song

Red Song

United States | Aug 2013 | 20:00
Director: Daniel Ziegler
Within the framework of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14, a dying woman's journal reveals the story of the relationship that led to her demise.
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