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The Bypass

United Kingdom | 2003 | 15:00
Director: Amit Kumar
A desert tale where danger is just a stone's throw away!
Image from La Alfombra Roja

La Alfombra Roja

Spain | Jan 2013 | 11:45
Directors: Iosu López, Manuel Fernández
158 million people live in Indian slums under very extreme insalubrity. Millions of children play sourronded by rubish, cows, rats and excrements. Gar...
16 awards


India | Jan 2016 | 16:56
Director: Fenil Patel
A little girl Roshni is seeking an answer for her brothers absence since the last riots for religion which her own father had plotted. She has been ke...

Black Mirror

India | Oct 2011 | 4:32
Director: Adi Burman
Ranu doesn’t own a place to stay. He lost his parents in bomb blast. He is hungry. There is a lot of beauty to watch in Mumbai but what about the pove...


Germany | 2009 | 13:34
Directors: Najaf Bilgrami, Supriyo Sen
Every evening, India and Pakistan’s only border crossing along the 3323 km frontier between India and Pakistan
becomes the site of an extraordinary e...


India | Oct 2015 | 13:25
Director: Preetham Dev
At a college, two hearts meet up each other, from classrooms to college corridors, following their way through a "made up" smile.

Attempt 37

India | Aug 2017 | 8:00
Director: Prthvir Solanki
A man contemplates on the banality of suicide.
Image from Siski


India | Oct 2009 | 28:48
Director: Nikhil Sablania
A young couple shifts in a new house and finds themselves in an assay of supernatural incidents that unmasks a painful and horrified mystery that chan...
Image from Do Pahar

Do Pahar

India | Dec 2011 | 28:49
Directors: Shazia Shrivastava, Sharifa Roy
When abused and elderly Sudha forms an unlikely bond with a hitman one afternoon, she is brought to ask the ultimate question.
Image from Prabhat Nagari

Prabhat Nagari

India | Nov 2012 | 10:50
Director: Aman Wadhan
The reunion of the last living workers of the erstwhile Prabhat Studio becomes a reflection on celluloid dreams, fathers and sons, and cycles of life.
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