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Image from Little Terrorist

Little Terrorist

India | 2004 | 15:00
Director: Ashvin Kumar
When a young Pakistani boy accidentally crosses the mine-strewn border into India in pursuit of his cricket ball, he is helped by a Hindu teacher.
Image from Reverie


India | Oct 2012 | 10:00
Director: Dhruva Bordoloi
Justin, a writer, is in deep conflict with his career, marriage, memories and his reverie.


India | Mar 2012 | 16:49
Director: Tejaswini Naik
Three girls move into a new house.
Image from Siski


India | Oct 2009 | 28:48
Director: Nikhil Sablania
A young couple shifts in a new house and finds themselves in an assay of supernatural incidents that unmasks a painful and horrified mystery that chan...


India | Jan 2009 | 19:55
Director: Sushrut Jain
In Mumbai, the most densely populated city in the world, lives collide and, in an instant, can change forever. Anita is a live-in maid, who after year...

Quisse Wala Quilla

India | Aug 2015 | 25:12
Director: Sujata Chowdhury
Sayan takes on a journey to find an end to the story that his grandfather left unfinished. Sayan’s journey takes him to the magical land of Rajasthan ...
Image from Paradise Calling

Paradise Calling

India | Mar 2010 | 6:00
Director: Suresh Mathew
At a time when economic slowdown & terrorism affects almost everything under the sun, what happens when recession hits Jihad Inc.?


India | Jan 2016 | 16:56
Director: Fenil Patel
A little girl Roshni is seeking an answer for her brothers absence since the last riots for religion which her own father had plotted. She has been ke...


India | Dec 2013 | 5:15
Director: Subhasish Das
A coin is used to show a magic but ultimately, the coin leaves a deep impression upon Rishab who is fooled by his instinct and also at the same time, ...
Image from Blood Honour Bleeds

Blood Honour Bleeds

India | Aug 2011 | 5:54
Director: Samik Roy Choudhury
UN statistics say that there are more than 5000 women and girls killed by their own family members for the sake of their honor for reasons like wester...
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