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Image from Avis de Grand Frais

Avis de Grand Frais

France | Dec 2015 | 32:00
Directors: Adrien Dal Bello, Jonas Favre
Charon, a 40 year old man, spends half his life in a tiny fishing hut and the other half on a small trawler. A passionate but poor fisherman, he sails...
Image from La Nuit Autour

La Nuit Autour

France | May 2014 | 11:15
Director: Benjamin Travade
A young woman recalls an affair she recently had while her husband was away, traveling.


South Africa | Feb 2010 | 4:07
Director: Axel C. Kalonji
Alvin compares our relationship with the world around us to our fingers.

Un Miracle, S'il Vous Plait Monsieur

Belgium | Sep 2011 | 11:00
Directors: Luce Cote-Colisson, Lucie Rouxel
A mysterious miracle makes the whole town go crazy and steals the spotlight from Boggey, one of the greatest miracle-workers of the world.
Image from À Minuit, Ici Tout S'arrête

À Minuit, Ici Tout S'arrête

France | Jan 2011 | 11:00
Director: Just Philippot
Après une dure journée de travail, deux voyageurs de commerce réunis par le hasard, attendent le bus au bord d’une route départementale déserte. La nu...

The Way You Love

United States | Feb 2014 | 9:57
Director: Lydia Darly
Sarah needs to forgive her mother, father and godmother in order to find the courage to live her life freely. Marie needs to let go of her past and fo...
Image from Le Voeu

Le Voeu

France | Dec 2012 | 24:24
Director: Qiaowei Ji
Mrs Jiang, an old Chinese lady living in the Parisian suburbs, is tired of her daily routine. One day, she finds an envelope full of money in a jacket...

Il Était 3 Fois

France | Feb 2016 | 3:23
Directors: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, Julie Rembauville
Drawing around a table, five kids are questionning the apparition of the first human being on earth. Where did he come from? This interrogation leads ...
Image from Shotgun


United States | May 2014 | 12:12
Director: Maverick Moore
Three rebellious girls burn rubber and leave no survivors on an inexplicably wild and wicked ride.
4 awards
Image from Pan Pan

Pan Pan

France | Jun 2010 | 32:00
Directors: Benoit Méry, Rémi Pinaud
Romain is in charged of a music festival. He has to make sure everything goes right, but problems are everywhere... and he doesn't really seem to care...
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