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Image from Postales desde La Luna

Postales desde La Luna

Spain | Feb 2012 | 18:43
Director: Juan Francisco Viruega
Julien and Louis begin a trip to the south of Spain, hoping to find untouched the place where they were happy during their childhood. However, the dry...

On the Beach

Switzerland | Aug 2012 | 15:00
Director: Marie-Elsa Sgualdo
It’s summer but life remains very complicated for 15-year-old Sara. Together with her little brother, she has been sent to spend the holy-days at her ...
Image from Dood Van Een Schaduw

Dood Van Een Schaduw

Belgium | May 2012 | 20:15
Director: Tom Van Avermaet
Stuck in a limbo between life and death, a deceased World War I soldier has to collect shadows to regain a second chance at life and love. With two sh...
4 awards
Image from Ploaie in Desert

Ploaie in Desert

Romania | 2009 | 12:00
Director: Ilinca Neagu
Henry Baftimbede is a 30-something black African business man, recently relocated from Paris to Bucharest with both his wife and 5 year-old daughter. ...
Image from Paris/Berlin: 20 Years of Underground Techno

Paris/Berlin: 20 Years of Underground Techno

France | May 2012 | 52:00
Director: Amélie Ravalec
The evolution of techno is explored through the stories of the dj's, producers, label managers, promoters, record shops and distributors that have sta...

Mine De Rien

France | Sep 2009 | 22:00
Director: Morgann Martin
Regis Morin doormate desappeared. Deep moment of doubt in his life.


France | May 2010 | 22:37
Director: Pierre Zandrowicz
Bad cop, poor husband, Caron sees his life turn around when a homeless man begs him to be jailed, so he can spend winter in a warm spot, and not die f...
Image from La Tangente

La Tangente

France | Sep 2008 | 12:50
Director: Vincent Vesco
A young man washing his car offers an attractive woman a ride wherever she wants to go. The two set off on a journey with no plans and no direction, b...
Image from Le Premier Pas

Le Premier Pas

France | Jan 2014 | 19:56
Director: Aurélien Laplace
Travel agent Eric's dreams are right across the street: the sight of a beautiful young woman leaving her appartment building each morning sends him sa...
Image from Le Concours

Le Concours

France | Jan 2014 | 14:59
Director: Samuel Lumbroso
The budding love story of 2 young musicians is in peril by a troubling encounter.
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