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Image from Papillons de Nuit

Papillons de Nuit

Belgium | Oct 2014 | 18:45
Director: Kaspar Vogler
Pauline spots a handsome man in a bar. She invites him home in a clumsy but keen way. At daybreak, after a short night of love, the unknown man become...

Chateau Mouton Rothshild

France | Mar 2011 | 19:59
Director: Louis Aubert
Naima is the charwoman of Étienne, an ex restaurant critic. One day, she sees him with a bottle of wine and shows a real talent for enology. Then, no ...


France | Oct 2014 | 17:30
Director: Andra Tévy
One winter evening, in snowy weather, a woman is going to her job. A window doesn't close anymore. The chore place becomes a land of adventures.

Waiting for the (T)rain

France | Jan 2015 | 24:59
Director: Simon Panay
A small village is lost in a dusty desert in Burkina's bush. Two times a week, the train passes. Various food items and water bottles are thrown by th...
Image from Djamel's Eyes

Djamel's Eyes

United Kingdom | Mar 2005 | 12:00
Director: David Casals-Roma
Two men sharing the same eyes

Les Enfants de la Nuit

France | Aug 2011 | 26:00
Director: Caroline Deruas
Spring 1944. «Some love stories seem self-evident. Perhaps they were unaware of its fatal outcome. In any case, it was inevitable.»

Coming from a f...
Image from Mano De Dios

Mano De Dios

Luxembourg | Oct 2010 | 15:24
Director: Adolf El Assal
An Argentinean immigrant living illegally for nearly half his life in Luxembourg must struggle daily for survival.

Derniers Recours

France | Aug 2013 | 17:58
Director: Mahi Bena
Slimane can't renew his student resident permit. Will he accept the proposal to help his friend Mehdi in his illegal business in exchange for a perman...
Image from Tentations


Morocco | Aug 2009 | 19:00
Director: Mohcine Nadifi
Four young drug addicts out of control got arrested by a police officer.
Image from La Pluie et le beau temps

La Pluie et le beau temps

France | Mar 2008 | 25:05
Director: Bénédicte Pagnot
Dans une maison de campagne, Elisa fête ses 30 ans entourée de sas amis. Elle est décidée à profiter du temps présent.
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