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Image from Poshteboum


Iran | Jan 2008 | 10:35
Director: Rouhollah Saadatmand
A baby frog and a baby bat play on a roof.
They face a balloon by chance and it changes the trend of their game.

The Unknown

Afghanistan | Apr 2013 | 14:30
Director: Abdul Ghafar Faizyar
The entire state of being of a woman reporter is distressed because of the uncertainty of 2014 when Foreign military is scheduled to leave Afghanistan...


Iran | Dec 2015 | 11:20
Director: Mohsen Habibi
Child wants to watch cartoons that faced with opposition from her mother, while mother and baby talking to each other home alarm suddenly sounds.
Image from Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Iran | May 2012 | 15:00
Director: Mir Abbas Khosravi Nejad
The father of one student has died. Schoolmaster wants to tell him about it, but he can't.
Image from Bog


Iran | Sep 2017 | 25:00
Director: Keivan Mohseni
In 2008 in Gerash, a small city in the south of Fars, Iran, a bogus company gained the trust of a wide range of small and big investors. A large part ...
Image from Diplomacy


United States | Apr 2009 | 9:00
Director: Jon Goldman
Relations between the United States and Iran take an unexpected turn when two senior diplomats and their interpreters meet for secret negotiations.
Image from Narenjak


Australia | Jul 2008 | 7:07
Directors: Mansoor Noor, Mark-Alexander Hartwin
Three boys playing with toy guns are confronted with the reality of war when they find a real grenade.

Sahele Nejat

Iran | Apr 2009 | 18:25
Director: Sepehr Ali Mohammad Loo
A young man was sitting on a beach and longing for a fortune. In his vision he was a rich trader who owned lots of gold, sailing a ship with all his b...
Image from Sa'd Abad

Sa'd Abad

Iran | Jun 2011 | 11:13
Director: Khashayar Rahimi
Three friends visit Sa'd Abad and things funny happen to them. But this friendship is not stable enough.
Image from Havaas'e Panjganeh'ye Honar

Havaas'e Panjganeh'ye Honar

Iran | Jun 2015 | 20:43
Director: Hesam Dehghani
Across Iran, people are using their five senses for creating art. From a small village in the very northern part of Iran to a southern island, in seve...
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