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Image from پاکت خالی

پاکت خالی

Iran | Sep 2010 | 36:16
Director: Majid Sarvini
Sam, who suffers mental disorder in grasping images, is not able to recognize familiar faces and just recognizes the voices. His brother tries to help...
Image from Retouch


Iran | Feb 2017 | 19:35
Director: Kaveh Mazaheri
Maryam’s husband died in front of her eyes and she just watches until he died.
Image from Yek Chiz

Yek Chiz

Iran | Apr 2010 | 39:00
Director: Mohamad Pourfar
Watching a film that he had made, Baqer, a schizophrenic patient of an insane asylum, remembers details of his own past.


Iran | Jun 2008 | 28:00
Director: Esmael Barari
“Imam Reza" was a spiritual leader, one of the descendants of the Islam holy prophet Mohammad. The Almighty God loved him. Iranian people have been go...
Image from چیزهایی که نباید گفت

چیزهایی که نباید گفت

Iran | Jul 2012 | 19:34
Director: Fahimeh Taghipour
Yalda is a coma caused by a car accident. Strange things faced to be in a coma and eventually comes back to life.
Image from متامورفوسیس


Iran | Dec 2009 | 17:46
Director: Sina Azin
A girl finding herself at a crossroad.


Iran | Nov 2006 | 13:43
Director: Arash Goodarzi
A doughter plays his dying grandmother role in her old house

The Unknown

Afghanistan | Apr 2013 | 14:30
Director: Abdul Ghafar Faizyar
The entire state of being of a woman reporter is distressed because of the uncertainty of 2014 when Foreign military is scheduled to leave Afghanistan...

No Way Back

Australia | Apr 2012 | 20:00
Director: Vahid Vahed
This is a documentary about four Iranian unaccompanied minors from the Kurdish and Southern provinces seeking asylum in Australia.
Image from Neshanehaye Yek Model

Neshanehaye Yek Model

Iran | Feb 2015 | 21:15
Director: Tabassom Habibzadeh
Lili wants to be a model, but she can't because the companies say she is still too big.
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