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Campanas De Sangre

Spain | Jul 2010 | 12:25
Directors: Iñaki Ochoa, Néstor Ruiz Medina
Spain. XVIII century. In an old convent long ago forgotten, a man awaiting the arrival of his old friend, now a rival. The only hope for both duelists...
Image from 1000 Razones

1000 Razones

Spain | May 2008 | 15:14
Directors: Salvador Téllez, Eric Abad
Ania y Manel son un matrimonio normal hasta que él empieza a comportarse de manera machista.
Image from Rise From Your Grave

Rise From Your Grave

Denmark | Feb 2009 | 27:00
Director: Carl Marott
On a moonless night, when a radioactive meter collides with the planet earth, all hell breaks loose! The dead have risen once more, led by the immorta...
Image from Eskiper


Spain | Sep 2012 | 14:00
Director: Pedro Collantes
Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them.
Image from As de trébol, As de corazones

As de trébol, As de corazones

Spain | Aug 2008 | 18:00
Director: Juan Pennisi
An old time hustler tricks a rookie into a deadly trap, but will find himself trapped in his own scheme.
Image from Txiki


Spain | Sep 2012 | 27:00
Director: Sergio San Martin
In order to put together his peculiar geometry, artist Txiki Medina takes inspiration from urban spaces and spoilt aspects of Nature, places filled wi...
Image from Solo


Spain | Feb 2010 | 18:08
Director: Marc Nadal
Un joven de 17 años con problemas de sociabilidad vive sin apenas contacto con el exterior, encerrado en casa contempla cada día las crueldades anunci...
Image from Sombra


Spain | Nov 2010 | 27:00
Director: Juan Caunedo
4 women who fought against the fascist dictatorship in Spain since 1936, talk about how they organized to survive the torture and prison, how they car...
Image from À la Derive

À la Derive

Spain | Aug 2016 | 14:27
Director: Cyprien Clément-Delmas
Through his depression his father disappears literally before the eyes of his son Paul.
Image from Jerminación


Mexico | Jun 2014 | 9:30
Director: Paul Gómez López
A little girl wants to learn the seed sprouting experiment. In the place and time where she lives there is no place for real learning.
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