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Image from About a Band

About a Band

United Kingdom | Oct 2010 | 43:00
Director: Jim Hickey
The Columcille Ceilidh Band uniquely includes musicians with and without learning disabilities.

Time Travel Boyfriends

United Kingdom | Jul 2009 | 9:58
Director: Josephine Halbert
In a fantasy love letter to some of her favourite men in history, a woman remembers moments of her love-affairs with famous historical figures includi...
Image from One, Two, Three!

One, Two, Three!

United States | May 2010 | 4:30
Director: Justin Cassano
Wrestling match between a boy and his bear. Mom keeps a close watch.
Image from Push Pull

Push Pull

Australia | Dec 2009 | 13:23
Director: Rudi Vasconcelos
Ben and Bec are madly in love, but they seem to always get into outrageous fights. Exchange of words turns into aggressive tones, turns into yelling a...
Image from Masculinity


United States | Mar 2009 | 11:26
Director: Mark Cabaroy
Danny attempts to alter his feminine looks. His friend Jason embraces his outward appearance as a drug dealer.

The Love Race

South Africa | Oct 2012 | 10:00
Director: Jacques Brown
Tommy and Sam get into a fight after sending a love letter to Belinda at the same time during a Math exam and decide to settle this in a race on Death...
Image from 35'te 3

35'te 3

Turkey | Jul 2008 | 20:00
Directors: Murat Eldem, Tuna Yilmaz
One city, three strangers...
Image from The Web

The Web

United Kingdom | Jul 2009 | 2:44
Director: Ronald Wright
A man recounts a terrible dream, but is his existential vision of life's empty, finite horror a truthful revelation... or the memory of the moment he ...
Image from The Obolus

The Obolus

United States | Dec 2008 | 19:51
Director: Mathias Røer
A fairy tale for adults, seen through the eyes of a child. THE OBOLUS journeys with Michael (Jarrod Bailey), a boy who has lost his parents, to the my...


United Kingdom | Jun 2006 | 2:00
Director: Alyosha Saari
Monica goes to an audition for a part to die for.
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