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United Kingdom | 2005 | 20:00
Director: Avie Luthra
Lucky is a South African AIDS orphan who learns about life through an unlikely bond with a racist Indian woman.

Half Drip

United States | May 2015 | 5:00
Director: John Goodman
A man, ill-equipped for his job, faces the mundane tasks of another work day.

No Man is an Island

Canada | Jun 2011 | 4:14
Director: Shaun Lang
A man is struggling to let go of his invisible friend.
Image from Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden

United Kingdom | 2006 | 14:00
Director: Chris Shepherd
My neighbour’s a right loony. He's always banging our wall down. I'm used to it. I think other people's houses are well weird. There's no knocking - r...


United States | Mar 2016 | 8:02
Director: Kyle Kenyon
After a long day of job hunting, an oblivious stepfather wants to enjoy a meal with his loving family. Unfortunately, there's one thing he loves even ...

Their Circumstances

United States | Jan 2007 | 10:00
Director: Jihyun Ahn
It tells a story about one day events which happen to one innocent family. There are five storylines, from four different characters' viewpoints. Stor...
Image from Trah Shorts Episode 3: The Saga Continues

Trah Shorts Episode 3: The Saga Continues

United States | May 2010 | 8:56
Director: David Zani
The Land of Lurkenburg, once a peaceful place, now finds itself in the perils of war. The evil Kaiser Klink Van Rumplelurk and his Rumplelurk Empire a...
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Nisi Sama

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Oct 2008 | 19:49
Director: Srdjan Rodic
Muharem follows Zoe home from a dance. He proposes her to marry him and leave in London, but she refuses. He arranges a meeting in Sarajevo.
Image from Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby

United Kingdom | Mar 2012 | 8:47
Director: Gervais Merryweather
It's the roaring twenties and things are looking great for Frederick Frinklesworth the second and the rest of the New York Stock Exchange, but when hi...

Words Unsaid

India | May 2016 | 7:23
Director: Sunder Konar
A couple meets after 13 months of break up, with awkward gestures and hidden emotions.
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