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Greece | May 2013 | 14:33
Director: Emily Magkourilou
A young woman in her early thirties seems to be living a solitary life. However, her routine actually consists of her following other people around. S...

Χαραγμένο Τριαντάφυλλο

Greece | Jul 2011 | 9:10
Director: Thanasis Neofotistos
A woman is dealing with a devastating loss. She struggles to choose what is best, living with her painful memories or trying to sink into oblivion? Wh...
Image from Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and Pestle

Canada | Jun 2011 | 18:00
Director: Algis Kemezys
A man finds a magical Mortar and Pestle after losing his job to China.

O Anthropos Pou Taize Ton Iskio Tou

Greece | Sep 2012 | 18:00
Director: Mario Garefo
A man intrudes into rich people's dinners claiming that he can collect the food from their table and feed his shadow which, curiously enough, is a fem...
Image from And Me for Myself

And Me for Myself

Greece | Aug 2009 | 20:00
Director: Georgis Grigorakis
Antonis always goes by train. He is in a rush to make it on time. His recent past keeps catching up on him. Reality does not allow him to escape the i...
Image from Τιμολόγιο


Greece | Aug 2013 | 19:20
Director: Charalampos Kontopanagos
A graphic designer is heading to poverty when a strange businessman comes and offers him a proposition that can change his life. Every choice has its ...


Greece | Feb 2011 | 19:54
Director: Nikos Gkoulios
An old florist and his tired van reach the day of retirement. He is convinced by his son to retire the old and now useless van. The florist is looking...
Image from Απώλεια


Greece | Apr 2004 | 19:50
Directors: Konstantinos Topalis, Vaya Danielidou
An invitation that is being lost, an assassination, a half-crazy, hitch-hiker bride and a super-8 camera on a desolate hillside.
Image from Μεταξουργείο


Greece | Sep 2008 | 27:00
Directors: Chryssa Depolla, Panagiotis Pnevmatikatos, Spyros Kondostanos, Christos Nikou, Penelope Lekaditi, Damianos Voganatsis
The film captures a stroll through today's Metaxourgio neighbourhood and focuses on its "refinement" of recent years.

Michalis Afolayan, actor, str...

Half-Board Heaven

Greece | Apr 2012 | 10:23
Director: George Ktistakis
A big-shot, dirty, lawyer receives a card for a business meeting. He arrives at the meeting point, a warehouse, specially decorated as an office where...
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