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I Diki

Greece | Dec 2009 | 7:35
Director: Michalis Lygkiaris
Man on trial for his behaviour on the planet. He is being adjudicated by a turtle, an olive tree, a mushroom and an amoeba.
Image from Free Camping

Free Camping

Greece | Mar 2013 | 14:50
Directors: Konstantinos Topalis, Vaya Danielidou
A young Greek couple, Mimis and Theano, is living in Europe. A young Greek couple, Mimis and Theano, is working in the Netherlands. A young Greek coup...

To Adynamo Fylo

Greece | Dec 2011 | 3:43
Director: Fotis Velentzas
Five different types of men are waiting outside a doctor's office. A woman caught their attention.

Ena Dentro Mia Fora

Greece | Dec 2009 | 29:35
Director: Panagiotis Rappas
A ragged street boy and a neglected tree, struggling to survive on a dreary city pavement make friends. In that way they escaped both the loneliness o...


Greece | Jun 2014 | 13:20
Director: Sotiris Georgantas
Η Αντωνία που έχει μόλις επιστρέψει από μακρά διαμονή στην Αμερική, μαθαίνει από μια φίλη της πως ένας κοινός τους φίλος αυτοκτόνησε. Επισκέπτεται το ...
Image from Το Πτώμα Ήταν Νεκρό

Το Πτώμα Ήταν Νεκρό

Greece | Jun 2016 | 15:56
Director: Konstantinos Fragkoulis
Apart from one chicken in a freezer, a trumpet teacher keeps also the corpse of his mother. Is there life after death?
Image from Dilepto


Greece | Sep 2011 | 2:00
Director: Michalis Lygkiaris
A homeless man has gathered money to buy a sandwich... but is that enough?


Greece | Jan 2011 | 21:12
Director: Thanos Kermitsis
In the office of a psychologist, a war veteran starts reminiscing his so-far-untold war experiences. A horrible tale shall unfold, because sometimes t...
Image from Eimai Anthropos

Eimai Anthropos

Greece | Aug 2012 | 3:28
Director: Michalis Lygkiaris
A collage of people seem to have nothing in common, in an age where a simple characterization seems enough to describe them.
Image from 5 Τρόποι Να Πεθάνεις

5 Τρόποι Να Πεθάνεις

Cyprus | Sep 2013 | 16:35
Director: Daina Papadaki
Makis explores suicide ways aiming to achieve the most ideal result.
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