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O Anthropos Pou Taize Ton Iskio Tou

Greece | Sep 2012 | 18:00
Director: Mario Garefo
A man intrudes into rich people's dinners claiming that he can collect the food from their table and feed his shadow which, curiously enough, is a fem...
Image from Istoria Choris Telos

Istoria Choris Telos

Greece | Nov 2015 | 13:03
Director: Nikos Gkoulios
Agios Antonios station on the edge of town. Two employees in shifts guarding the station. A homeless man comes with his car to stay across the station...

Picture Perfect

United Kingdom | Apr 2013 | 30:00
Director: Irina Izmesteiva
To the outside world, Daniel is just another grumpy old man waiting to meet his Maker. His sister Muriel's efforts to get him out into the world lead ...

Ke Mi Erevna

Greece | Mar 2009 | 11:00
Director: Nikos Giannikas
In a Greek Orthodox church an exorcism takes place.
Two frauds take advantage of the situation.
Does God exists? Will justice be done?
Search thou ...
Image from Απευθείας Μετάδοση

Απευθείας Μετάδοση

Greece | Apr 2009 | 11:35
Director: Elias Malassidis
The latest purchase of a 30-year-old bachelor is a new electrical device that informs him about what’s happening in the world. He’s not the only one: ...


Greece | Oct 2010 | 8:06
Director: Sotiris Georgantas
A car breakdown at night causes an accidental encounter of two men. After ten years of absence there is a lot to discuss, but maybe not. Sometimes peo...

Half-Board Heaven

Greece | Apr 2012 | 10:23
Director: George Ktistakis
A big-shot, dirty, lawyer receives a card for a business meeting. He arrives at the meeting point, a warehouse, specially decorated as an office where...

Χαραγμένο Τριαντάφυλλο

Greece | Jul 2011 | 9:10
Director: Thanasis Neofotistos
A woman is dealing with a devastating loss. She struggles to choose what is best, living with her painful memories or trying to sink into oblivion? Wh...

Marble Night

Greece | Mar 2014 | 12:01
Director: Petros Nikolaou
Alexandros is a young lonely man who has dedicate all his life in his work. One day a new colleague Christina draw his attention. Now he is trying to ...


Greece | Jan 2011 | 21:12
Director: Thanos Kermitsis
In the office of a psychologist, a war veteran starts reminiscing his so-far-untold war experiences. A horrible tale shall unfold, because sometimes t...
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