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Germany | Jul 2011 | 14:04
Director: Björn Michael Solvan Theilmann
A woman hast lost her identity. The main thing is the question "Who am I" and the search for the answer. "Where am I" and "What is the sense in here a...

1000 Gramm

Germany | Dec 2010 | 15:00
Director: Tom Bewilogua
The average quantity to get lipoed for contouring the stomach muscles at a normal weight person is: "1000 grams“
Image from Söhne


Germany | Sep 2011 | 19:00
Director: Matthias Lip
Tommy is the ten-year old son of Frank. One afternoon, when Frank wakes up on his couch, Tommy seems to have disappeared. Suddenly, Frank finds himsel...
Image from Morgen Leben Wir Wieder

Morgen Leben Wir Wieder

Germany | Feb 2012 | 20:00
Director: Corinna Giesen
"When I was a child, I always thought that I could control the things happening around me. In the last couple of months I got so involved in other peo...
Image from Job Interview

Job Interview

Germany | Mar 2013 | 9:30
Director: Julia Walter
A job interview turns out to be quite different than expected.
Image from Auf der Strecke

Auf der Strecke

Germany | 2007 | 29:45
Director: Reto Caffi
A department store security guard is racked by guilt after not helping the victim of a fight in the subway.

Die Strafe Gottes

Germany | 2004 | 11:25
Director: Louis Zoller
Year after year, Walter and Ms Siebert live a quiet and peaceful life until one evening when an irritating potato shows up.

Sein Kampf

Germany | Apr 2013 | 17:00
Director: Tonio Kellner
Boris, 15, wants to be a real skinhead. (At least what he thinks that is...) Today an old Jew who survived Auschwitz is coming to talk to them at scho...
Image from Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita

Switzerland | 2005 | 18:00
Director: Peter Volkart
In the late 1920s, Igor Leschenko, a young physicist from Hermannstadt, conducted bizarre experiments that appeared to cast doubt on the law of gravit...


Austria | Jan 2012 | 18:46
Director: Christoph Kuschnig
A newborn's destiny hangs in the balance, as grownups come to terms with what they cannot have.
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