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Image from Totoner Arekta Golpo

Totoner Arekta Golpo

India | Oct 2012 | 27:53
Director: Indranath Chatterjee
Toton hates going to school, he hates Maths just as he hates his elders pontificating. Having done poorly in a Maths exam, he hides the copy in his se...
Image from The Poster

The Poster

Bangladesh | Apr 2014 | 15:32
Director: Ahsif Khan
A salaried government employee, Amzad is an ordinary middle class man living his life with resigned acceptance. He is a critic of the likes of Afzal-t...

Anashwar - The Indestructible

India | Apr 2012 | 32:45
Director: Aninda Sunder Ghosh
A senior citizen, in spite of all odds, holds the fort of his family in an acute medical crisis.

The Goldfish Who Swam Out of the Fishbowl

India | Jan 2017 | 36:21
Director: Tathagata Ghosh
A corrupted chauffeur must kill a renowned scientist on the way to the airport in order to save his younger sister from dangerous kidnappers, who want...

Boba Mukhosh

India | Jun 2012 | 25:38
Director: Amartya Bhattacharyya
In a schizophrenic patient's hallucination, he personifies his city, society, dreams and aspirations as a lady figure. The lady has no realistic exist...
Image from Street Art and Reality

Street Art and Reality

United Kingdom | Apr 2011 | 4:00
Director: Shafiur Rahman
Shoreditch's happening street art scene unexpectedly reflects some sad social realities of 21st Century London.
Image from The Broken Glass (An Idiotic Idea)

The Broken Glass (An Idiotic Idea)

India | Feb 2008 | 11:32
Director: Suman Bhattacharyya
The protagonist of this film is deferent from others. But he is a ‘MAD’ in the eyes of the society. He always finds broken glasses and tries to give a...

The Lost Dream

Bangladesh | Aug 2011 | 12:40
Director: Mahdy Hasan
He waits. They wait. They are ready to sacrifice for their own country to bring a better future. But no dream becomes real if someone betrays.

Ek Poshla Rupkatha

India | Jun 2017 | 29:57
Director: Chandradeep Das
A lonesome and morbid old woman commissions her own tomb. One morning, she discovers something unusual near it which changes everything.

He Prem

India | Oct 2010 | 48:48
Director: Shamit Das
Deep, a private tutor by profession, is in love with Anu, his student. Anu too loves Deep, her teacher. She does well in her undergraduate course and ...
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