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Al Wassia

Morocco | Jul 2012 | 18:05
Director: Allal El Alaoui
A dying sheikh advices his three sons to take care of their mother because she is the cause of their existence.
Image from Just Another Day

Just Another Day

Germany | Jul 2009 | 13:50
Director: Hisham Zreiq
After September 11 terror attacks, an Arab man lives in his apartment in Europe. On a day when a terror attack happens in his city, he is still sad be...
Image from Cast in Sand: Najla and Agaila

Cast in Sand: Najla and Agaila

Algeria | Sep 2013 | 27:00
Director: Rebecca Roberts-Wolfe
Two women of different generations struggle for survival, happiness, and freedom in barren desert refugee camps.
Image from قليل من الشاي

قليل من الشاي

Lebanon | Jun 2013 | 17:25
Director: Ali Doniah Dideh Shiran
Assaad may have a new job as a garbage collector at night. He believes that with this new job he will be able to improve his life circumstances and mo...


Egypt | Sep 2012 | 10:17
Director: Mahmoud Aboalela
A woman is suffering from lack love pronunciation of her husband. Her husband travels to America in a grant. Down his plane in crash. Her husband Trie...

In the Sea

Egypt | Aug 2010 | 19:20
Director: Romany Saad
Reda and Neanaa are two sisters. Neanaa is 5 years older than Reda. Their father died and soon followed by their mother who died also. Reda takes upon...

Quelques miettes pour les oiseaux

France | 2005 | 28:00
Director: Nassim Amaouche
Rwasched is a no-man's-land on the border. It is the last tow in Jordan before Iraq.

All Birds Whistle

Lebanon | Nov 2009 | 13:58
Director: Roy Khalil
The boring life of an elderly couple changes when their neighbor puts his canary bird in their care.

Au Nom de L'honneur

Belgium | Jun 2013 | 20:04
Director: Nathalie Leclercq
Lea, a young Lebanese, is pregnant. Lea takes refuge then at her brother's Elie, in Belgium, because the father of her baby is of Muslim confession. I...
Image from The Sons of Eilaboun

The Sons of Eilaboun

Germany | Sep 2007 | 23:40
Director: Hisham Zreiq
On October 30, 1948, the Israeli Army marched into the northern Galilee village of Eilaboun. My uncle Badia and 17 other men from the village, who had...
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