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  • Year of completion: 2017
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Image from Cupids


United Kingdom | Jan 2017 | 13:00
Director: Angelo Calarco
Two cupids must team up to face one of the greatest challenges of modern times: getting two strangers to talk to each other!
Image from Kill the Engine

Kill the Engine

United States | Jan 2017 | 10:20
Director: Derek Frey
Three broken men decide to kill themselves by carbon monoxide poisoning, but the suicide is foiled when the vehicle of their demise fails to start.
17 awards
Image from Твоими Глазами

Твоими Глазами

Russia | Mar 2017 | 19:58
Director: Olga Orlova
In St. Petersburg, a sudden meeting of two former classmates - fey girl Sveta and smart, dryasdust nerd - ends up in a conflict. The next day, their l...

Cycle Lane

United Kingdom | Feb 2017 | 3:52
Director: Alex Gambs
Running late for a job interview, the last thing Christian wants is a heated argument with a frustrated cyclist.

Le Dessin des Talibés

France | Jul 2017 | 19:00
Director: Pierre-Antoine Carpentier
Three young Talibés learn the Koran in a senegalese school called Daara. A meeting is going to change their everyday life. The meeting of Mouhammed, a...


Brazil | Nov 2017 | 29:57
Director: Jon Lewis
Sarmaga is a restaurant lost in time, with a select clientele and a secret dish from animal so rare that only the owner knows where it comes from.
Image from Satellitter


Norway | Jul 2017 | 16:34
Director: Håkon Anton Olavsen
Rikke and Benjamin have moved together in a student apartment and are having a party to celebrate the occasion. But the party is pretty miserable and ...


Georgia | Jul 2017 | 22:47
Director: Elena Tsagareishvili
In an old Tbilisi home a child violin virtuoso uses a metronome app to practice the same piece of music all evening to the intense irritation of her e...


Russia | Feb 2017 | 7:38
Director: Andrew Ogorodnikov
A person got into the wrong place at wrong time by the will of forces that are beyond the human control, and stacked on the border between two worlds:...
Image from Padha


India | May 2017 | 15:01
Director: Maheshsushila Sudamnarke
A naughty school going brat undergoes transformation and finds a goal for life. Does past has any connection to whats happening to him?
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