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Sheva Dakot

Israel | Jan 2017 | 13:30
Director: Assaf Machnes
In order to go home for the weekend with the rest of the platoon, a fresh IDF soldier has to complete one last task in 7 minutes.
Image from Kill the Engine

Kill the Engine

United States | Jan 2017 | 10:20
Director: Derek Frey
Three broken men decide to kill themselves by carbon monoxide poisoning, but the suicide is foiled when the vehicle of their demise fails to start.
17 awards
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Norway | Jul 2017 | 16:34
Director: Håkon Anton Olavsen
Rikke and Benjamin have moved together in a student apartment and are having a party to celebrate the occasion. But the party is pretty miserable and ...

Nebeday, L'arbre de Vie

France | Jul 2017 | 19:00
Director: Pierre-Antoine Carpentier
The well is dry, nothing grows anymore. Young Bara intends to produce charcoal to support his family. The forest is protected but others do it. So why...


Georgia | Jul 2017 | 22:47
Director: Elena Tsagareishvili
In an old Tbilisi home a child violin virtuoso uses a metronome app to practice the same piece of music all evening to the intense irritation of her e...

Cycle Lane

United Kingdom | Feb 2017 | 3:52
Director: Alex Gambs
Running late for a job interview, the last thing Christian wants is a heated argument with a frustrated cyclist.
Image from Bleu-Gris


France | Jan 2017 | 15:00
Director: Laëtitia Martinucci
End of August. Corsica. Elbe, 17 years old, deaf since birth, is vacationing at her older sister Mathilde. One day, during her visit of the Revellata ...
Image from All a Tiny Bronto Tells About

All a Tiny Bronto Tells About

Russia | Feb 2017 | 12:44
Director: Vladimir Morozov
A woman named Vera found a piece of stone used by a tiny brontosaurus that came to Earth for unknown reason. Having stayed in her house for ten years,...

Ajun Ek Divas

India | Aug 2017 | 22:07
Director: Nidhi Paralikar
A young man takes an extraordinary journey to get over the darkness of questions and shadows of answers. And after that... another day awaits.
Image from Polska Warrior

Polska Warrior

Netherlands | Jan 2017 | 25:56
Director: Camiel Schouwenaar
Eryk, the hero in the game Goldhunter, is invisible in real life. His game buddy Laura shows him to use his gameskills to confront his father.
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