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  • Date of completion: September 2016
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Don't Fear the Reaper

United States | Sep 2016 | 9:53
Director: Dru Schwartz
Making friends can be difficult, especially if you're the bringer of death.
Image from Hyperloop Dreams

Hyperloop Dreams

United States | Sep 2016 | 13:28
Director: Kenji Harman
A deaf man lives a nightmare inside out.
1 award

Tales from the Sea

Canada | Sep 2016 | 3:00
Director: Katarzyna Kochany
Captain Purple is the most purple in the whole sea - or is he?

Rusigimin Somoi

India | Sep 2016 | 0:17
Director: Solly Sangma
Sengkam is a young kid, the eldest of the family, of a small town whose mother is a low level employee of a govt. office. His mother got the job on co...
Image from 30 Minutos con Laura

30 Minutos con Laura

Spain | Sep 2016 | 8:53
Director: Juanjo Haro
Laura is a woman with a complicated life but a man is now in her life.

Fomo Sapiens

Sweden | Sep 2016 | 7:15
Director: Viktor Hertz
A young couple, suffering from the worst imaginable form of "fear of missing out", decides to take on a tough challenge.
Image from Scrappy


United States | Sep 2016 | 4:17
Director: Dawn Westlake
Quick action on the side of love can sometimes conquer hate.

Il Cuore Nel Cassetto

Italy | Sep 2016 | 5:30
Director: Roberto Leoni
Under the auspices of Amnesty International Italy against femicide

India - My Garden Smiles!

India | Sep 2016 | 2:58
Director: Chakravarty Devulapalli
A beautiful but fragile rose plant becomes vulnerable to reckless and mindless actions of a disdainful individual. However, it finds a tending gardene...

Galactic Regulations

Sweden | Sep 2016 | 18:00
Director: Hugo Nygren
Two rebellion soldiers is sent on a mission to destroy the evil galactic regulations jaming towers that blocks their communications with the outer wor...