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  • Year of completion: 2016
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Image from Ink


Canada | Mar 2016 | 9:58
Director: Ashlea Wessel
A traumatized woman seeks penance and personal transformation through tattooing after surviving a devastating pregnancy. One night, drenched in booze ...
Image from Scrappy


United States | Sep 2016 | 4:17
Director: Dawn Westlake
Quick action on the side of love can sometimes conquer hate.


India | Jul 2016 | 24:45
Director: Somesh Bhattacharya
A film school pass-out guy is in a habit of recording people and happenings around him in a handy-cam and showing the footage to his girlfriend. That ...

Don't Fear the Reaper

United States | Sep 2016 | 9:53
Director: Dru Schwartz
Making friends can be difficult, especially if you're the bringer of death.
Image from Sloven


United States | Jan 2016 | 6:40
Director: Marc Cartwright
A guy comes home to find his roomate has left the house a mess... Or did something unearthly create the disorder?
Image from Autonomous


United Kingdom | Jan 2016 | 11:02
Director: George Varotsis
When a mistrustful rogue, who earns a living by sending “obsolete” humanoid robots to the scrap heap, has a change of heart and decides it's time to c...

Les Êtres du Brouillard

France | May 2016 | 8:16
Director: Antoine Janot
In a world pervaded by fog, humans can no longer see. Neither the landscapes around us, nor their bodies. A young woman looks for her own face.
Image from Green Lake

Green Lake

United States | Apr 2016 | 36:35
Director: Derek Frey
Industry hasn’t destroyed all the sacred spaces in the world. In Hawai'i pockets of magic still exist. And so do those that protect them.

Seul à Seule

Belgium | Jul 2016 | 21:27
Director: Laura Van Haecke
During his quest, Maxim, a young twenty-year old, gets accompanied by his sister who acts neglectful towards his search for identity.

Tales from the Sea

Canada | Sep 2016 | 3:00
Director: Katarzyna Kochany
Captain Purple is the most purple in the whole sea - or is he?
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