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Image from Motel Motel

Motel Motel

Belgium | Jan 2016 | 20:20
Director: Ellen J. Babeliowsky
When Hjalmar inspects his room in an old, worn-out motel, he discovers a severed ear in the deep-pile carpet. During his search for the origin of the ...
Image from Live or Die

Live or Die

Bangladesh | Jul 2016 | 1:37
Director: Sayed Druvo
A man has to find out a reason to live tonight.

Words Unsaid

India | May 2016 | 7:23
Director: Sunder Konar
A couple meets after 13 months of break up, with awkward gestures and hidden emotions.

San Sabba

United Kingdom | Nov 2016 | 30:00
Director: Romana Turina
In 1943 a convoy of 120 left Treblinka and moved to the Northeastern part of Italy. They had completed Aktion Reinhardt and were ready to engage in an...
Image from Titanium


United States | Apr 2016 | 14:59
Director: Mike DeMille
The testosterone driven world of fast cars and heavy machinery just might need a woman's touch.
Image from Hotel Paraíso

Hotel Paraíso

Brazil | Aug 2016 | 14:01
Director: Jon Lewis
A recently-married couple enter a dystopian tropical landscape where they seem oblivious to their surroundings.


Spain | Jan 2016 | 15:00
Director: Nani Matos
Lurna is a young African woman who dreams about having a better life. One day she sets off with the hope and expectation of fulfilling her dream. What...

There is a Reaper

United States | Apr 2016 | 6:56
Director: Morgen Whiteman
A dying man will do anything to know what happens in the afterlife, even if he must kill to do it.
Image from Jeunesse


France | Jun 2016 | 28:00
Director: Shanti Masud
Whereas Koala the botswain is profoundly sleeping, captain Diamond narrates to young sailor Firefly his most beautiful childhood memory. Her name was ...

Les Êtres du Brouillard

France | May 2016 | 8:16
Director: Antoine Janot
In a world pervaded by fog, humans can no longer see. Neither the landscapes around us, nor their bodies. A young woman looks for her own face.
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