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  • Date of completion: May 2014
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Image from Ryggen Fri

Ryggen Fri

Sweden | May 2014 | 3:20
Director: Viktor Hertz
There is so much to feel guilty about nowadays, when you think about it.
Image from Adem Başaran

Adem Başaran

Turkey | May 2014 | 19:20
Director: Orhan Ince
Mesut Basaran is a Kurdish boy who is Turkish citizen and live in southern province of Turkey. In 1993, Mesut and family forced to migration by politi...
Image from The Nymph

The Nymph

United States | May 2014 | 20:57
Director: Armand Petri
A beautiful creature from a mythical land is desperately trying to be part of our world.
Image from Last Day with Lizzy

Last Day with Lizzy

United States | May 2014 | 13:43
Director: Matt Duhamel
Forced to come to terms with a haunting past, a troubled father seeks to rebuild a relationship with his 13-year-old daughter.
Image from Forest


Turkey | May 2014 | 9:21
Director: Erhan Kıyçak
In the vast forests of the human brain, justice, human, women's, men's and children's rights that examined the process of creation.

Wrong Place

Canada | May 2014 | 6:21
Director: Rocko Paolo
A rastafarian is begging for cigarettes. A well dressed black man arrives, waiting for someone. Three mobsters show up and wonder what these two are d...
Image from La Solitude

La Solitude

Mexico | May 2014 | 12:30
Director: Saul Cantero
Javier is a street artist who presents a show of ventriloquism with Chuy, a wooden puppet who chose not to speak again. This complicate the show and t...
6 awards
Image from Coffee


United Kingdom | May 2014 | 8:50
Director: Joshua Rayworth
In the subconscious, an anonymous man faces adversity when his ability to choose is no longer in his hands.
Image from Small Town Murder Cases

Small Town Murder Cases

New Zealand | May 2014 | 5:04
Director: Edward Turnbull
A tired detective recounts a grisly tale to a sad and lonely women.

陽光 空氣 水

Taiwan | May 2014 | 29:10
Director: Chih-Keng Chuang
A kid searches sunshine under the surrounding of grand residence mansion.
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