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Image from Alles Voor de Film

Alles Voor de Film

Belgium | Sep 2014 | 19:44
Director: Lukas Buys
Lize, a young actress, makes her suitcases. She rereads the scenario. A driver from the film set picks her up, Olivier. During the long trip the two s...

I Feel Great

Denmark | Oct 2014 | 40:00
Director: Mirza Ekinovic
Muki is 30 years old and lives in the suburbs of Copenhagen. He arrived to Denmark as the only survived member of his family – all others have become ...

Pie Lady of Pie Town

United States | Apr 2014 | 28:35
Director: Jane Rosemont
Why did Kathy Knapp, a successful businesswoman, decide to leave her charmed life to bake pie in a dusty town with no traffic light, no gas station, n...
5 awards

Rosa Armageddon

Norway | Sep 2014 | 7:00
Director: Emil Stang Lund
Filippas passion for the colour pink turns world upside down.

Kanavugal Virpavan

India | Jan 2014 | 11:00
Director: Pushpanathan Arumugam
25 year old kid transforms dreams to 5 year old kid.

අවසානයට පෙර

Sri Lanka | Mar 2014 | 37:45
Director: Madhawa Thirimanna
A suspicious husband kills his loving wife after he suffered from various psychological break down and suddenly one person came and went everything up...
Image from Untimely Love

Untimely Love

United States | Mar 2014 | 2:06
Director: Kaylania Chapman
A young Indian man (Rohan) falls in love with a black Christian (Monica) woman. When their worlds collide and religious differences clash, will their ...
Image from Lashes


United Kingdom | Jul 2014 | 20:00
Director: Christine Sherwood
A teenage girl realises that the world she was trying to fit into isn’t everything she had hoped it would be.
Image from Garip


Turkey | Dec 2014 | 12:15
Director: Murat Akser
Alkan is a young mute boy living in the slums of Istanbul. Mistreated by his mother and her young lover and constantly humiliated by hoodlums, he has ...

Cobayas Human Test

Spain | Jul 2014 | 19:55
Director: Marcos Moreno
24 hours have passed since clinical trials began on an important molecule (DMK300) on behalf of the international laboratories FarmMeridian. Ten young...
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