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Image from Stranger


United States | Mar 2014 | 4:41
Director: Jeremiah Kipp
A young woman is on the verge of madness, paranoia and hallucination.
Image from One Fine Day

One Fine Day

India | Jul 2014 | 4:57
Director: Devansh Doshi
One fine day, D sets out to soak in the magnificence that people usually turn a blind eye to.

The Dark Queen

India | Oct 2014 | 16:57
Director: Abhishek Gupta
A girl meets the Dark Queen.


United States | Sep 2014 | 10:58
Director: Brandon Boudreaux
Brad's neighbor may be more than just unfriendly, he may be hiding a terrible secret. When Brad starts to put together the clues to a mystery he disco...
Image from Gracias por Quererme

Gracias por Quererme

Spain | Mar 2014 | 14:39
Director: Nestor D’argentis
En gracias por quererme conocemos la vida de Diego, su soledad, su carencia de habilidades sociales y su problema de olor corporal que funciona como u...

09:55 - 11:05, Ingrid Ekman, Bergsgatan 4b

Sweden | Dec 2014 | 14:52
Directors: Cristine Berglund, Sophie Vukovic
67 year old Ingrid has decided to deal with cancer on her own. She retreats from the outside world and it retreats from her - apart from sporadic visi...

Grafstract: The Bronx Street Art Renaissance

United States | Sep 2014 | 20:00
Director: Dan Perez
One man is on a mission to enhance the visual landscape of the Bronx with street art.
Image from The Washing Machine

The Washing Machine

United States | Feb 2014 | 10:38
Director: Lorenzo Pomari
Billy is a broke young man covered with debts and living in a shabby apartment. One day he discovers a magical washing machine in an old laundry room ...
Image from Wine, Women and Cognac

Wine, Women and Cognac

United States | May 2014 | 5:00
Director: Louis Mansfield
Frank Boursin's life was full of excess. Wine, women and cognac were the vices of the young American studying in Europe. Settling back in the United S...
Image from Windigo Origins

Windigo Origins

United States | May 2014 | 8:00
Director: Matthew Barber
A pair of weary bounty hunters awaken a bloodthirsty Sasquatch.
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