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  • Date of completion: October 2013
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Image from Marie et Les Gargouilles

Marie et Les Gargouilles

France | Oct 2013 | 29:55
Director: Nicolas Trame
The Virgin Mary appeared to numerous people around the world. She appeared to young children like in La Salette (France) in 1873, in Fatima (Portugal)...
Image from 仁

Hong Kong | Oct 2013 | 8:42
Director: Maisy Choi
Five coal miners are trapped for 176 hours after an explosion in the mine. Sha Zi is a naïve and large-hearted young man who saves the lives of his fo...
Image from Bastian


Poland | Oct 2013 | 17:41
Director: Szymon Kubka
A man lost his father at the age of 8. All his life he tries to find out what happened to him. He loses his job and quite accidently goes to Poland. A...
Image from Corridor


United Kingdom | Oct 2013 | 14:37
Director: Olivia Cole
Lucy is in the corridor. She is bleeding, and it doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon. She continues to stumble down the corridor, makin...

A Seduction Spell

Canada | Oct 2013 | 12:40
Director: Daniel Foreman
Bonnie uses everyone around her, including her BFF Marnie and Rob, a boy who is in love with her. Technology binds them and threatens to destroy them.
Image from Wild Ruse

Wild Ruse

United States | Oct 2013 | 26:06
Director: David French
Damien, a former cop, hires a seedy thief called "Red" to help him pull a heist on one of the most notorious gangsters in the city, The Wolf.
Image from Sleep


Canada | Oct 2013 | 3:58
Director: Michael Clowater
A man wakes up in the middle of the night to a sound just outside his bedroom door. However, as he investigates he finds the intruder is not what he s...


Canada | Oct 2013 | 15:05
Director: Tito Guillen
A quiet night at the library turns deadly when a librarian accidentally unleashes demonic forces from a strange book. Ashley is in a relationship with...
Image from Fan


United States | Oct 2013 | 0:37
Director: Alex Zajicek
A hot day pushes a guy to his limits.
Image from Excludable Moose

Excludable Moose

Canada | Oct 2013 | 0:42
Director: Haleigh Toney
A wizard and a knight are complimenting each other on their mounts, when a rabbit riding a moose interrupts them. When he is not allowed to join their...
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