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  • Date of completion: October 2013
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Broken Record

United States | Oct 2013 | 3:36
Director: Brennan Martin
In a world where sexuality has become the focal point in relationships, society is starting to redefine love with the counterfeit: lust.
Image from Akar


Lebanon | Oct 2013 | 25:00
Director: Toufic Khreich
27 years away, Eskandar comes back.
Once in Beirut, he is haunted by his childhood memories, which bounce him between the past and the present.
Image from Fan


United States | Oct 2013 | 0:37
Director: Alex Zajicek
A hot day pushes a guy to his limits.
Image from La Última Escena

La Última Escena

Chile | Oct 2013 | 19:00
Director: Mijael Bustos
Heine Mix (78), a notable playwright, lives his final days as a hermit, when he refuses to give up his beliefs after Pinochet’s dictatorship in Chile....

Hip-Hop, Mi Desahogo

Colombia | Oct 2013 | 22:00
Director: Simon Rasing
Hip-Hop is often associated with drugs and violence and therefore seen by many as a way into prison, but Alma Negra, DJ Roky and New York, three inmat...
Image from Paddy's Paradise

Paddy's Paradise

United Kingdom | Oct 2013 | 11:11
Director: Alex Masterton
A lonely homeless man finds his calling by living in a telephone box.


United States | Oct 2013 | 16:33
Director: Joshua Gallegos
A woman in an abusive relationship is helped by a stranger who happens to be in town to visit the grave of his departed daughter, he takes it upon him...

Roza Parazelsa

Russia | Oct 2013 | 11:33
Director: Aram Shahbazyan
Paracelsus dreamed of a disciple. One day came to him the stranger, ready to become his disciple. He asked Paracelsus burn a rose, and then revive her...
Image from Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies

United States | Oct 2013 | 1:59
Director: Matthew Temple
When a little girl bakes animal cookies, they come to life and go on an adventure.

Ang Turo

Philippines | Oct 2013 | 15:00
Director: Jerome Dulin
A young student wishes to be like her dad, who is a professor at a university. At one point, the young student doesn't come to her class which was rep...
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