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  • Date of completion: September 2013
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Image from Coco de Elevador

Coco de Elevador

Brazil | Sep 2013 | 3:54
Director: Paulo Passaro
An office worker is struggling to attract the girl of his dreams, a coworker. The question posed is this; Are his colleagues and his daily office task...
Image from Shadow Play

Shadow Play

Philippines | Sep 2013 | 4:27
Director: Bernard Jay Mercado
Human psychometry is the ability to see fragments of a person's memories with a single touch. Seth is a human psychometrist, and he uses his ability i...


United States | Sep 2013 | 14:00
Directors: Morgan Funk, Trevor Funk, Nathan Funk
Alone, without an heir to pass his family legacy, an aging farmer deliberates the purpose of his life. Realizing the inevitable, he questions whether ...
Image from 3665


Spain | Sep 2013 | 15:05
Director: Miguel A. Refoyo
In a post-apocalyptic future, a man puts his life at stake to recover the collective memory of humanity.

Dancing is Meaningless

Canada | Sep 2013 | 10:00
Director: John Alden Milne
At his first high-school dance, misanthropic Stanley finds love after a mysterious girl-in-black challenges his ideals and principles.
Image from Bungalow


United Kingdom | Sep 2013 | 16:48
Director: Tony Wadham
He's happy on the one level but she wants another storey.

Langt Fra Borte

Norway | Sep 2013 | 14:55
Director: Magnus Arnesen
The 14-year-old Markus and his mother has come to take his grandfather Oskar, to the Nursing home. Oskar suffers from Alzheimer Disease, but is strugg...
Image from Leben!


Germany | Sep 2013 | 18:28
Director: Carolin Färber
A young man suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder spends one adventurous day way outside his comfort zone to get his life back on track.
Image from Roshan Nagar Kay Andhay

Roshan Nagar Kay Andhay

Pakistan | Sep 2013 | 15:14
Director: Manan Roy
Hur was a Muslim warrior who fought in the battle between two Muslim groups (one was on right and one was on wrong) about 1400 years ago. Hur was firs...

The Alchemist Makes Gold

United States | Sep 2013 | 19:42
Director: Cait Davis
In the dark of his basement studio an alchemist struggles to achieve his ultimate creation. Finding himself in the woods, he is greeted by a woman who...
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