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  • Date of completion: August 2013
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Canada | Aug 2013 | 12:21
Director: Jason Jeffery
After the tragic death of her husband, grief stricken Adelind vows to bring her family together again. She kills her family one by one, believing this...

Wasted Lives Chapter II

United States | Aug 2013 | 31:23
Director: Sean Patrowich
Elizabeth Galloway has another liquid lunch with Marcy, complaining about her hated husband and her loveless marriage. On the way home, between the an...
Image from Gone


Czech Republic | Aug 2013 | 4:30
Director: Andrea A. Stuart
A spirit descends upon the earth to show man he's still got a chance to change before everything is gone.

Derniers Recours

France | Aug 2013 | 17:58
Director: Mahi Bena
Slimane can't renew his student resident permit. Will he accept the proposal to help his friend Mehdi in his illegal business in exchange for a perman...
Image from Badtameez Dil

Badtameez Dil

India | Aug 2013 | 8:44
Director: Yash Vardhan
A boy meets a girl and slowly the boy falls in love.
Image from Okora: The Prelude

Okora: The Prelude

United Kingdom | Aug 2013 | 30:00
Director: Lexx James
Seven young people; Drew, Tammy, Kaya, Theo, Sam, Shaun and Jimmy share a past mysteriously connected to the Seven Deadly Sins and its history. Encour...
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United Kingdom | Aug 2013 | 5:16
Director: Burton Pearce
Paul is a young man who wins a 3D entertainment system. His excitement and satisfaction however, comes to an abrupt end when he is faced with a rather...


United Kingdom | Aug 2013 | 5:00
Director: Sam Mason Bell
A young woman takes a metaphysical journey through emotive and sensual memories, and the experience of her older lovers neglect.
Image from Jornada de Puertas Abiertas

Jornada de Puertas Abiertas

Spain | Aug 2013 | 4:39
Director: Vicente Bonet
A married couple strikes to overcome a crisis through swinging.
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United States | Aug 2013 | 10:57
Director: Jason Prugar
A struggling writer fights with his Muse over his latest work.
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