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De Weg Van Alle Vlees

Belgium | Sep 2013 | 26:47
Director: Deben Van Dam
Tibo kampt met een ernstig probleem: verveling. Hij werkt als verpleger op een afdeling palliatieve zorg, en denkt de laatste tijd enkel nog aan geld....
Image from Rabo de Toro

Rabo de Toro

Spain | Mar 2013 | 10:18
Director: Karmen Garay
A couple meets up for dinner in a restaurant to celebrate their anniversary, there they will find someone, everything is left to say, to discover betw...
Image from Anglijos Karalienė Pagrobė Mano Tėvus

Anglijos Karalienė Pagrobė Mano Tėvus

Lithuania | Nov 2013 | 30:00
Director: Ernestas Jankauskas
A little girl called Milda, a modern-day Pippi Long-stocking, fights her loneliness with a help of her imagination and fantasies. One day she is told ...
Image from Poussieres


France | Jul 2013 | 21:45
Director: Daniel Metge
For some time the village was just sentenced to silence and dust. Not a soul out there, not even a noise. However this evening, something is moving ag...


Croatia | Jan 2013 | 29:53
Director: Davor Borić
Andrej Macko is a man whose artistic outlook was shaped by his life experience of participation in the civil war and the postwar disillusionment in th...
Image from The Note

The Note

Ireland | Jan 2013 | 22:47
Director: Ciaran Creagh
Lars, an alcoholic, is haunted by the events of a traumatic childhood. He now carries with him the item he holds responsible, the note.

The Boy with the Thorn in His Side

United Kingdom | Aug 2013 | 4:29
Directors: Lewis Lewis, Alex Motlhabane
A boy is forced to deal with his hateful friend.
Image from Ravi and Jane

Ravi and Jane

Australia | Jun 2013 | 13:24
Director: Stuart O'Rourke
In a year 4 class Jane befriends Ravi, a Sri Lankan boy recently arrived, but
restrictions on asylum seekers threatens to destroy their friendship.


Lebanon | Jan 2013 | 3:36
Director: Charbel Kamel
"Allah Akbar". Transcending Beirut. Transcending The Sehnsucht. Transcending God and his culture.
Image from قصه دختر بچه و خیابان

قصه دختر بچه و خیابان

Iran | Apr 2013 | 4:12
Director: Romik Tarvirdians Gharveran
A poor girl in the street is trying to sell her horoscope. Nobody pays attention to her until she dies.
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