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Fearbury: How to Grow a Tiger Lily

Canada | Aug 2013 | 3:55
Director: Ian Sewall
Sam Fearbury and his grandson Finn navigate their way through the legend of the tiger lily. It sometimes takes a donkey and a good fear to start a gro...

Inicio Demise

Zimbabwe | Nov 2013 | 8:22
Director: Charles Mugaviri Jr.
As an child Simba has a encounter with Death but is not aware of who she is. After some years he goes back to the place he met her being obsessed with...

If Only I Could Fly

India | Nov 2013 | 34:00
Director: Mallik Ram
A modern day couple break each other down only to find out the love they have for each other.

Wasted Lives Chapter II

United States | Aug 2013 | 31:23
Director: Sean Patrowich
Elizabeth Galloway has another liquid lunch with Marcy, complaining about her hated husband and her loveless marriage. On the way home, between the an...
Image from Mr. Happy

Mr. Happy

United Kingdom | Jul 2013 | 20:00
Director: Eugene Magee
A remark made on a post-it note Michael sparks an unlikely relationship.

Elmayi Yemek

Turkey | Jun 2013 | 6:59
Director: Mert Güler
A shepherd grazes his sheep. He sees one big tree and sits in its shadow to rest. He wants to eat the apples of the tree. He is going to make effort t...

Indayog Ng Nayatamak

Philippines | Apr 2013 | 15:00
Director: Joris Fernandez
Rex is now on the verge of destruction as his emotional instability and frustrations lead him to create a piece of artwork; the ballerina. The struggl...
Image from Refugium


France | Apr 2013 | 4:51
Director: Rock Brenner
A man reminisce his short love story with Stella.
Image from A Superhero's Best Friend

A Superhero's Best Friend

United States | Sep 2013 | 0:23
Director: Steve Cleberg
Patrick has always wanted to be a superhero. In spite of the fact that he knows all there is to know about comic book mythology, he simply can’t make ...


France | Jan 2013 | 2:36
Directors: Jimmy Boutry, Thibaud Chaufourier
A young man dedicates his life in search of the perfect shot.
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