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Image from الرجل الذي صنع فيلما

الرجل الذي صنع فيلما

Syria | Sep 2013 | 18:03
Director: Ahamad Ibrahim Ahmad
In a country going through a relentless war, violence has multiple meanings and different effects on people. These effects maybe shown in shocking way...
Image from RIS


Spain | Nov 2013 | 22:23
Directors: Borja Corrales, Eneko Artetxe
It's been over a year since the worst pandemic known to mankind. The man tried to prevent it but made a mistake. Three survivors who are isolated have...


Hungary | Mar 2013 | 15:45
Director: Jozsef Gallai
Two masked entity search the way-out from our world.
Image from Struggle with Life and Race Against Time

Struggle with Life and Race Against Time

United Kingdom | Mar 2013 | 6:11
Director: Meera Darji
Surendrakumar Bhagat is a simple person who, through struggle and crisis, went from being a helpless, brave Typist to a hard-working Bank Manager. His...


Canada | Feb 2013 | 9:44
Director: Rocko Paolo
Darren has a visual handicap ever since he was a child. Everyone appears as black shadows. He has moved from Montreal to Paris in hopes of finding a c...
Image from Dogonauts: Enemy Line

Dogonauts: Enemy Line

United States | Jul 2013 | 16:30
Directors: Shel Rasch, Justin Rasch
A Dogonaut and a Space Flea shoot each other down only to awake side by side, marooned on an alien desert planet.
Image from Un Jeu de l’esprit

Un Jeu de l’esprit

France | Jun 2013 | 13:20
Director: Alexandre André
On a Saturday morning. Frederic, in his forties, is walking on the street. Strange events keep on happening to him. Is it bad luck? Or is it only... m...
Image from Just a Prayer

Just a Prayer

Canada | Jun 2013 | 12:35
Director: Caris Reid
Anita is a young Muslim woman who seems to have everything, but is deeply dissatisfied with the life she sees ahead of her. In making a major decision...
Image from Perpetuum Immobile

Perpetuum Immobile

Spain | Feb 2013 | 4:00
Director: Marc Martí
A man and a woman look into the darkness. It looks back.
Image from A Superhero's Best Friend

A Superhero's Best Friend

United States | Sep 2013 | 0:23
Director: Steve Cleberg
Patrick has always wanted to be a superhero. In spite of the fact that he knows all there is to know about comic book mythology, he simply can’t make ...
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