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Image from Life Under the Bridge

Life Under the Bridge

United States | Mar 2013 | 9:22
Director: Andrew McGivern
Ron 'Pepper' Brown is a homeless artist living with HIV under the famous 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles.

Gift from God

United Kingdom | Aug 2013 | 9:30
Director: William Kee
Montgomery, a bereaved old man, recounts the life of his murdered grandson. The time has come for revenge, and it's going to be nasty. Home video foot...


Canada | Oct 2013 | 15:05
Director: Tito Guillen
A quiet night at the library turns deadly when a librarian accidentally unleashes demonic forces from a strange book. Ashley is in a relationship with...
Image from Night Swimming

Night Swimming

Korea, South | Nov 2013 | 14:59
Director: Ineui Lee
After breaking up with his girlfriend, Junhwi is learning to swim. When he succeeds to breathe in the front crawl for the first time in his life, shee...


United Kingdom | Jul 2013 | 12:20
Director: Richard Kattah
A few months after her mother loses her battle with cancer, 19 year old Tracey finds herself with much more responsibilities on her shoulders. Having ...


Denmark | Dec 2013 | 3:35
Director: Aagje Van Damme
Sometimes you just got to take a step back. That is what Neka needs to learn. Neka is created in an unknown world. He enters the world when he is crea...
Image from Cólera


Spain | Feb 2013 | 6:30
Director: Aritz Moreno
When the residents of a town take justice in their own hands, they are forced to pay the consequences.

Broken Record

United States | Oct 2013 | 3:36
Director: Brennan Martin
In a world where sexuality has become the focal point in relationships, society is starting to redefine love with the counterfeit: lust.
Image from Anastasia


United States | May 2013 | 8:45
Director: Chu-Chun Tao
A wife just comes home and meets another naked guy who just finished sex with her husband, however, the wife isn't surprised or upset at all, she is e...
Image from Cast in Sand: Najla and Agaila

Cast in Sand: Najla and Agaila

Algeria | Sep 2013 | 27:00
Director: Rebecca Roberts-Wolfe
Two women of different generations struggle for survival, happiness, and freedom in barren desert refugee camps.
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