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Image from Bicycle Notes

Bicycle Notes

United Kingdom | Apr 2013 | 3:58
Director: Fernanda Torres
A curious and jaunty penny-farthing sets out across a rolling planet on a musical outer-space adventure.
Image from Nyuszi és Őz

Nyuszi és Őz

Hungary | Jan 2013 | 16:15
Director: Péter Vácz
The friendship of Rabbit and Deer is put to the test by Deer's new obsession to find the formula for the 3rd dimension.
9 awards

Derniers Recours

France | Aug 2013 | 17:58
Director: Mahi Bena
Slimane can't renew his student resident permit. Will he accept the proposal to help his friend Mehdi in his illegal business in exchange for a perman...
Image from Life Under the Bridge

Life Under the Bridge

United States | Mar 2013 | 9:22
Director: Andrew McGivern
Ron 'Pepper' Brown is a homeless artist living with HIV under the famous 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles.
Image from Stick-It!


Italy | May 2013 | 3:44
Director: Alberto Poli
What can you run into while chasing a sticky note inside a dismissed explosives factory?
Image from Girl on a Train

Girl on a Train

United States | Jul 2013 | 2:00
Director: Peter Sands
When the girl on a train arrives in the city, six lives are changed forever.

The Wayward Son

United Kingdom | Jun 2013 | 10:16
Director: Callum Scott-Dyson
Rockstar Eli King has denounced his past for solitude in the desert. His brother and former manager is sent out with the aim of bringing him back.


France | May 2013 | 12:00
Director: Adriano Valerio
Nowadays, in Tristan da Cunha. 270 people live on this small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Nick and Anne, two teenagers, have known each...

A Love Story

United States | Feb 2013 | 10:53
Director: Rafael Gutierrez
A bully is kidnapped by an autistic thirty year old and is forced to answer a question no one would ever want to answer. Would you have sex with your ...


Switzerland | May 2013 | 8:20
Directors: Steven Blatter, William Morris
A man has a relationship with and respect for his environment and the lake beside which he lives. That man is Swiss stand up paddle champion Steeve Fl...
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