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Dios por el Cuello

Spain | Mar 2013 | 16:00
Director: José Trigueiros
It’s Sunday, and Pablo, 8 years old, has an invitation to a very special but also forbidden birthday party. It’s Sunday, and for the first time, Pablo...

Still Life

United Kingdom | Jul 2013 | 3:28
Director: Harry Boast
A woman awakes to find the most important thing in her life has disappeared.
Image from Twinkle, Twinkle

Twinkle, Twinkle

United Kingdom | Jan 2013 | 9:02
Director: Deborah Haywood
When Sophie and Megan play Mummies and Daddies, we learn rather a lot about Mummy, and Daddy.

My Heritage

Canada | Aug 2013 | 11:05
Directors: Philip Leung, Alex Narvaez
Dai Fok is a white man who was adopted and raised by his immigrant Asian father. Dai Fok grows up resenting his Tiger Dad, so he decides to cease all ...
Image from Poussieres


France | Jul 2013 | 21:45
Director: Daniel Metge
For some time the village was just sentenced to silence and dust. Not a soul out there, not even a noise. However this evening, something is moving ag...


Turkey | Oct 2013 | 1:17
Director: Ömer Yavuz
Social pressures that people are exposed to in daily life are tried to be explained with nuts. The bowl represents various strata of society (neighbor...
Image from Forastero


Argentina | Feb 2013 | 18:00
Director: Lucía Ferreyra
Nicolás returns to his summer vacation place after the selling of the family's house, the usual company of his best friend, and maybe a last summer of...
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Spain | Jul 2013 | 15:00
Director: Omar Rabuñal
A filmmaker dreams that he is acting in a movie where he is conscious.

Donne un Poisson à un Homme

France | Mar 2013 | 23:16
Director: Alasttal Iyad
In Corsica, Iyad a young Palestinian meets Michel, a fisherman, and talks with him about his palestinian country and the misery of its fisherman, the ...

The Stash

United Kingdom | Jun 2013 | 3:20
Director: Stuart Elliott
Jerry is a low-end hood with one job to do. Hide the loot. Easy. Or it would be, if he could remember where he stashed it.
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