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Image from Un Plan

Un Plan

Spain | Jul 2013 | 8:58
Director: Andrea Ratto
In Galicia, Spain, Marco and Hugo are friends, both unemployed. Marco has many ideals and makes an attempt to change some society habits he doesn’t li...

De Weg Van Alle Vlees

Belgium | Sep 2013 | 26:47
Director: Deben Van Dam
Tibo kampt met een ernstig probleem: verveling. Hij werkt als verpleger op een afdeling palliatieve zorg, en denkt de laatste tijd enkel nog aan geld....
Image from The Note

The Note

Ireland | Jan 2013 | 22:47
Director: Ciaran Creagh
Lars, an alcoholic, is haunted by the events of a traumatic childhood. He now carries with him the item he holds responsible, the note.
Image from Amnezijak na Plazi

Amnezijak na Plazi

Croatia | Apr 2013 | 23:45
Director: Dalibor Baric
The Near Life Experience might seem to be an odd, extraordinary occurrence, but in fact it can happen to anyone. Why to be the self-stigma of your fix...
Image from Blackout


Canada | Jul 2013 | 4:00
Director: Sharron Mirsky
Several storytellers share their experience of the 2003 “NorthEast Blackout” which affected much of Ontario, and 7 U.S states. The unexpected effects ...
Image from You Are It

You Are It

Kenya | May 2013 | 5:04
Director: Jakub Zahradnicek
In a site haunted by bad luck where those trying to settle often end up losing all hope, a lonely traveler is sucked into the shell of a failed dream ...
Image from Hogar, Hogar

Hogar, Hogar

Spain | Sep 2013 | 17:44
Director: Carlos Alonso Ojea
Bea and Alan live in a bunker. She wants to have a child. He does not. They manage to live as comfortable as they can, trying to understand each other...
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Image from Job Interview

Job Interview

Germany | Mar 2013 | 9:30
Director: Julia Walter
A job interview turns out to be quite different than expected.
Image from Insecto Muerto

Insecto Muerto

Puerto Rico | Apr 2013 | 4:00
Director: Julio Benito Cabrera
Andy, a young university student, is trying to solve the mystery of the big bug that's climbing the wall, having no legs and been dead.

Kind Fruit and Nut Project

United States | Dec 2013 | 0:37
Director: Julian Thomas
Businessman suddenly becomes obsessed with Kind Fruit & Nut cereal bars after a strange encounter.
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