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Image from Dissonâncias


Brazil | Dec 2013 | 51:48
Director: Anderson Franco
During a radio broadcast, lonely people have their lives connected, but they are unable to realize that.
Image from Ds a Coda

Ds a Coda

Spain | Jan 2013 | 20:20
Director: Joaquín Gil
Alberto turns down his friend Pepe's invitation to party in the hotel where they are both staying. What he does not know is that this decision will tr...
Image from Free Camping

Free Camping

Greece | Mar 2013 | 14:50
Directors: Konstantinos Topalis, Vaya Danielidou
A young Greek couple, Mimis and Theano, is living in Europe. A young Greek couple, Mimis and Theano, is working in the Netherlands. A young Greek coup...
Image from Closure


United States | Feb 2013 | 16:36
Director: Desmond Devenish
Jude has spent the majority of his life haunted by relentless anxiety and an unnamed fear. The origin of this condition he can only chalk up to a trau...
Image from 6segundos "Survivor"

6segundos "Survivor"

Spain | Apr 2013 | 20:58
Director: Adrián González Fernández
The organization make several tests with the virus Host.

If Only I Could Fly

India | Nov 2013 | 34:00
Director: Mallik Ram
A modern day couple break each other down only to find out the love they have for each other.


Canada | Aug 2013 | 12:21
Director: Jason Jeffery
After the tragic death of her husband, grief stricken Adelind vows to bring her family together again. She kills her family one by one, believing this...
Image from Como Su Padre

Como Su Padre

Spain | Dec 2013 | 5:27
Director: Toni López Bautista
Felixin has pooped.
2 awards

Mauvaise Herbe

Canada | Jun 2013 | 15:00
Director: Francis Fortin
Luc, a passionate horticulturist, sees his life change the day his stepmother moves in to his house.
Image from Cólera


Spain | Feb 2013 | 6:30
Director: Aritz Moreno
When the residents of a town take justice in their own hands, they are forced to pay the consequences.
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