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Malaysia | Oct 2013 | 10:00
Director: Tan Kiran
Evil spirits take the form of human and move among them to kill when they get blood thirsty. Three friends get killed by their own friend who actually...
Image from Does This Mean We're Gonna Have Sex?

Does This Mean We're Gonna Have Sex?

United Kingdom | Sep 2013 | 9:40
Directors: Simon J. Riley, Emma Rasmussen
In the frustrating world of dating, three women believe they have found a way of meeting their perfect partner... But who will get lucky?


Spain | Dec 2013 | 15:26
Director: Alvaro Gago Diaz
In Vilanova de Arousa, a village on the west coast of Galicia, Andrés and his two grandchildren, Tomé and Xan, have gone fishing one last time before ...


Canada | Jan 2013 | 9:00
Director: Daniel Foreman
Richard Sanitarium is a U.S. Senator who believes in the traditional family and is using his opposition to gay marriage in his run for the presidency....

Le Maillot de Bain

France | Jan 2013 | 20:30
Director: Mathilde Bayle
On holiday on a campsite by the seaside, Rémi, 10, is fascinated by Stéphane, 35, the father of one of his playmates. This is a new, confusing feeling...

Esta Guitarra Vieja

United States | Apr 2013 | 14:15
Director: Steve Lerner
Marina, a young singer-songwriter left Cuba as a baby with her mother to come to the United States. Her father, a dedicated guitarist who had a career...
Image from El Ritmo en Sus Venas

El Ritmo en Sus Venas

Spain | Jun 2013 | 13:05
Director: Juan A. Poveda
Irene and Rafa have a boring relationship, full of lies, and destined to fail, but an unexpected accident forces them to live together as they never h...
Image from Boonrerm


Thailand | Apr 2013 | 16:35
Director: Sorayos Prapapan
Boonrerm is a housemaid. Every day she received a weird order.
Image from مع إني أعرف أن النهر قد جف

مع إني أعرف أن النهر قد جف

Palestine | Jan 2013 | 19:30
Director: Omar Robert Hamilton
Caught between his brother's past and his child's future, one man's choice triggers catastrophe for his whole family.
Image from The Girl with the Red Balloon

The Girl with the Red Balloon

United States | Jan 2013 | 11:12
Director: Kaylania Chapman
What does a homeless woman, and young girl and a red balloon have in common? Three strangers meet and hope is revived.
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