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Image from مع إني أعرف أن النهر قد جف

مع إني أعرف أن النهر قد جف

Palestine | Jan 2013 | 19:30
Director: Omar Robert Hamilton
Caught between his brother's past and his child's future, one man's choice triggers catastrophe for his whole family.
Image from Girl on a Train

Girl on a Train

United States | Jul 2013 | 2:00
Director: Peter Sands
When the girl on a train arrives in the city, six lives are changed forever.
Image from Toto


Poland | Jan 2013 | 12:00
Director: Zbigniew Czapla
A sensitive boy is raised by a lonely and hard working mother somewhere in a far province, where life revolves around daily, inveterate habits. The yo...
3 awards


United States | May 2013 | 16:00
Director: David Lombroso
Last night, Lina threw one of her infamous country house parties, but this morning is different. Of the people who remain, Jack and Lauren are the mos...
Image from Poustinia


United States | Jun 2013 | 27:20
Director: Kristian Berg
Gendron Jensen draws bones. Detailed, precise, wondrous images of bones that invite us to look beyond the ordinary into a deeper more spiritual realm.
4 awards


United States | Jul 2013 | 4:42
Director: Matt Steinauer
Gumshoe is a private eye hot on the trail of his missing partner. In this world of femme fatales and hired goons, the truth lies beneath.

Life Lessons

United States | May 2013 | 27:00
Director: Alexander Raye Pimentel
Lionel Dobie is an acclaimed artist who finds himself unable to paint before a major gallery exhibition and needs the confused and messy lifestyle of ...
Image from The Hungry Corpse

The Hungry Corpse

United Kingdom | Jan 2013 | 9:49
Director: Gergely Wootsch
In London's bustling, yet desolate Trafalgar Square, an ancient, rather hungry corpse meets a pigeon.
Image from Rabo de Toro

Rabo de Toro

Spain | Mar 2013 | 10:18
Director: Karmen Garay
A couple meets up for dinner in a restaurant to celebrate their anniversary, there they will find someone, everything is left to say, to discover betw...


United States | Aug 2013 | 21:01
Director: Alexander Raye Pimentel
An excavation team's Captain must save his crew from being consumed and driven mad by a recovered artifact.
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