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My Heritage

Canada | Aug 2013 | 11:05
Directors: Philip Leung, Alex Narvaez
Dai Fok is a white man who was adopted and raised by his immigrant Asian father. Dai Fok grows up resenting his Tiger Dad, so he decides to cease all ...


Hungary | Mar 2013 | 15:45
Director: Jozsef Gallai
Two masked entity search the way-out from our world.
Image from Gotas de Fumaça

Gotas de Fumaça

Brazil | Nov 2013 | 21:35
Director: Ane Siderman
Bibi lives alone with in her apartment, she decides to help her neighbor Juliet in a crisis. They create a relationship that ends up surpassing limits
33 awards
Image from Ogledanje


Serbia | May 2013 | 15:25
Director: Mladen Aleksic
In student dorm, boyfriend and girlfriend are stuck. In their own lives. She want to resolve the problem with lies. But, in real life, everybody lies....

Locked in

United Kingdom | Aug 2013 | 6:41
Director: Jimmy Nsubuga
A girl transfers the mind and soul of a paralysed man into a different body.

Hennes Svarta Vingar

Sweden | Jan 2013 | 28:30
Director: Martin Åhlin
One day Mikael finds a beautiful and naked woman passed out outside on his meadow. This woman seems to have fallen from the sky.
Image from Cold Feet

Cold Feet

Canada | Jun 2013 | 13:07
Director: Daniel D'Alimonte
In a delicatessen, Andy gets a request from his employer, Herman, asking him to dispose of a dead body using his bone saw and butcher's knife.
Image from Negra Noche

Negra Noche

Dominican Republic | Aug 2013 | 5:00
Director: Francisco Rojas
2048 is the year in the troubled city of Santo Domingo and Oscar Perez, an apathetic and antisocial man by nature, never thought that the drastic even...

The Big Meet

United States | Jul 2013 | 15:00
Director: Christian Elder
A grungy screenwriter takes a meeting with a Hollywood executive and makes a "killer pitch" ... But is he actually a killer?

Strum for Hope

United Kingdom | Jun 2013 | 13:34
Director: Meera Darji
Brooke is homeless. An unexpected situation, she never imagined to be part of. Losing her mother when she was young, her father remarried. Few years l...
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