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My Dinner with Andrea

Canada | Sep 2013 | 16:54
Director: Hernan Moreno
A lonely young man accepts a dinner invitation from the girl of his dreams, only to face the stuff of nightmares.
Image from In the Grip

In the Grip

Canada | Sep 2013 | 7:07
Director: Eric Hayes
A mysterious hitman takes out the mob one member at a time.


Greece | May 2013 | 14:33
Director: Emily Magkourilou
A young woman in her early thirties seems to be living a solitary life. However, her routine actually consists of her following other people around. S...

Jessie R. Wagner Elementary Promo

United States | Dec 2013 | 1:30
Director: Julian Thomas
Jessie R. Wagner Elementary is a Seventh-Day Adventist school, located in Pine Forge, Pennsylvania. They have recently moved to a new facility and are...
Image from Bird Call

Bird Call

United States | Aug 2013 | 12:48
Director: Steven Biver
Glen moves into an apartment and in neighbor Rita's odd world. She hears something he can't, and grief turns to terror when he begins to hear it too.
Image from Insecto Muerto

Insecto Muerto

Puerto Rico | Apr 2013 | 4:00
Director: Julio Benito Cabrera
Andy, a young university student, is trying to solve the mystery of the big bug that's climbing the wall, having no legs and been dead.


United Kingdom | Jul 2013 | 7:32
Director: Simon Ball
An act of bullying sends four children on a journey that they'll never forget.
Image from The Director

The Director

United States | Jun 2013 | 7:14
Director: Alex Zajicek
A controlling director loses his ability to control others when he gets a sudden ear infection.

Летающие Звери

Russia | Jan 2013 | 6:30
Director: Alena Pimenova
A small fish Mais is going to leave his home forever and go to the very heavy storm, but he isn't the first in his family to do so.

My Heritage

Canada | Aug 2013 | 11:05
Directors: Philip Leung, Alex Narvaez
Dai Fok is a white man who was adopted and raised by his immigrant Asian father. Dai Fok grows up resenting his Tiger Dad, so he decides to cease all ...
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