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Image from Charlie Boy

Charlie Boy

United Kingdom | Jun 2013 | 16:24
Director: Vicki Kisner
Life is a struggle for Tina and Charlie since their mother died. Tina manages to hold their lives together by a fine thread. Juggling work and dealing...
Image from The Note

The Note

Ireland | Jan 2013 | 22:47
Director: Ciaran Creagh
Lars, an alcoholic, is haunted by the events of a traumatic childhood. He now carries with him the item he holds responsible, the note.
Image from Instante


Spain | Jan 2013 | 7:30
Director: Miguel San Martín
Everything can change in an instant, or not.

Leviathan Ages

United Kingdom | Aug 2013 | 3:33
Director: Jon Yeo
Bound in ancient celestial ballet, nine dead Kings arise to claim a fallen Emperor.


Italy | Jan 2013 | 18:00
Director: Donatella Altieri
Giovanni, a man in his late years, has lost his daughter. The city cannot console him. Frustrated, petrified and locked in his grief, he returns to th...

My Dinner with Andrea

Canada | Sep 2013 | 16:54
Director: Hernan Moreno
A lonely young man accepts a dinner invitation from the girl of his dreams, only to face the stuff of nightmares.
Image from 楊明的夏天


Hong Kong | Dec 2013 | 20:22
Director: Eric Tsang
What could possibly turn a shy, quiet nerd into a voyeur? A long, lazy summer coupled with endless boredom? Sometimes through his binoculars and other...
Image from The Last Night of Baby Gun

The Last Night of Baby Gun

Germany | May 2013 | 15:00
Director: Jan Eilhardt
Baby Gun has trained her body for the system. A whore is a whore is a whore. She works in a world where everything, anything is for sale. Yet she has ...
Image from Station


Iraq | Feb 2013 | 3:17
Director: Shaho Nemati
As the man comes to bus station with his bouquet of flower, spots a lady who is staring at him and the flower in his hand.


United States | Oct 2013 | 6:27
Director: Clinton Howard II
A young man is faced with everyday challenges and frustrations, doing his best to to handle what is thrown at him. Financial issues and pure bad luck ...
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