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Image from Broken Up

Broken Up

United States | May 2013 | 14:59
Director: Ben Tolpin
Ben, unceremoniously dumped, calls his friend, Katie, to avert emotional breakdown but instead makes a bad week worse.
5 awards
Image from Дерево счастья

Дерево счастья

Russia | Jan 2013 | 18:54
Director: Ivan Ustinov
Orphans. Brother and sister. Orphanage's insidious principal wants to sunder them forever. But the children disagree with this decision and run away i...


United Arab Emirates | Dec 2013 | 6:00
Director: Saab Somhoon
Ahmed, a young boy wakes up one only to find that he was the only living thing on the planet.
Image from Love in the Year 2000

Love in the Year 2000

United States | Jan 2013 | 15:00
Director: David Miller
Lucky, a 'relationship representative,' saves her clients the time and drudgery of courtship by professionally standing in on a first date. Based on t...


United Kingdom | May 2013 | 2:00
Director: Connor Paterson
The kidnapping of a young girl causes a tragic trail of events to unfold, jeopardising the lives of many innocent people. After a freight train wrecka...
Image from אלה מתחתנת

אלה מתחתנת

Israel | Nov 2013 | 10:23
Director: Dana Lerer
It's Ella's wedding day. The sky is blue, the guests are on the way, but something feels wrong. An unexpected encounter with a strange bell boy makes ...


France | Sep 2013 | 20:00
Director: Arthur Molard
In the near future, most people get a "cricket" implanted in their brains: an electronic chip which allows them to switch to an "automatic mode".
Image from Leben!


Germany | Sep 2013 | 18:28
Director: Carolin Färber
A young man suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder spends one adventurous day way outside his comfort zone to get his life back on track.
Image from Free Camping

Free Camping

Greece | Mar 2013 | 14:50
Directors: Konstantinos Topalis, Vaya Danielidou
A young Greek couple, Mimis and Theano, is living in Europe. A young Greek couple, Mimis and Theano, is working in the Netherlands. A young Greek coup...


France | Dec 2013 | 10:25
Director: Kendy Ty
A mysterious girl wants to become the best hitman of the Agency.
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