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Image from Valhalla Blues

Valhalla Blues

United States | Sep 2013 | 22:49
Director: Peter Skorupskas
Ted and Mike are on a life and death quest, in attempt to keep an old promise to a friend.

One in Three

South Africa | Nov 2013 | 2:40
Director: Petrus Van Staden
Eve is a young woman who accepts an invite from an old friend with sinister intentions. James finally ends up raping her, and she survives at a terrib...
Image from Democracia


Spain | May 2013 | 11:00
Director: Borja Cobeaga
The manager of a company proposes a daring plan for keeping the workers’ morale high.
Image from Palabras Pendientes

Palabras Pendientes

Spain | Mar 2013 | 11:22
Director: Juan Carlos Guerra
Lucía and Marta are a couple that is going through a crucial and difficult moment in their respective lives. Their relationship is affected and they a...
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Image from Sledge Hokej

Sledge Hokej

Slovakia | Nov 2013 | 24:54
Director: Matej Ligac
A boy called Martin Joppa plays paralympic sport – the sledge hockey. He progresses in this sport up to the presentation on world championship in B-ca...


Egypt | Mar 2013 | 14:31
Director: Mohamed Khalifa
As a hired killer finishes off his latest list of victims, he starts to realize that everything is not as it seems, and that his mind maybe playing tr...
Image from Τιμολόγιο


Greece | Aug 2013 | 19:20
Director: Charalampos Kontopanagos
A graphic designer is heading to poverty when a strange businessman comes and offers him a proposition that can change his life. Every choice has its ...

Dark Water

United States | Aug 2013 | 14:36
Director: Danielle Dunnigan
Two desperate strangers deal with loss of self and loneliness.
Image from Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies

United States | Oct 2013 | 1:59
Director: Matthew Temple
When a little girl bakes animal cookies, they come to life and go on an adventure.


United States | Nov 2013 | 6:35
Director: Andrew Gipson Richardson
An adolescent has a power to kill living things when in a panic, and people are trying to get things from him, as he tries to correct his own mistakes...
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