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  • Date of completion: November 2012
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Image from Prabhat Nagari

Prabhat Nagari

India | Nov 2012 | 10:50
Director: Aman Wadhan
The reunion of the last living workers of the erstwhile Prabhat Studio becomes a reflection on celluloid dreams, fathers and sons, and cycles of life.
Image from Pink Grass

Pink Grass

Belgium | Nov 2012 | 2:28
Director: Anna Katalin Lovrtity
A little, shy girl takes a journey to her penfriend.

Suspicious Guy

Nigeria | Nov 2012 | 19:10
Director: Tosin Igho
A detective is caught between finding out the truth of a mysterious death and at the same time trying to sort out his love life.
Image from Skeletons


United States | Nov 2012 | 25:00
Directors: Erick Murph, Ricardo Jackson
Peter, an outcast, is constantly being picked on and bullied by a popular group of friends. However, he withholds a deep secret from the group, that i...
Image from Efímera


Spain | Nov 2012 | 18:00
Director: Diego Modino
Alicia’s journey to fulfill her dream of becoming a ballet dancer takes her from a candid world to a violent reality.
60 awards
Image from Chaos


Spain | Nov 2012 | 13:44
Director: Miguel Monteagudo
Two brothers will unwittingly be involved in a plot that will make them reflect on guilt and destiny.

Qui Retombe

United States | Nov 2012 | 3:30
Director: Trent Phillips
A boy is captivated, beaten and lost in haziness of pure fun.
Image from Goluzma


Spain | Nov 2012 | 8:18
Director: Jesús Monroy
Two love stories in the same place at different times.


China | Nov 2012 | 7:35
Director: Rye Joseph
A woman hits big on a lottery ticket only to have it ripped out of her hand moments later. Naturally, she wants it back.
Image from Ayúdame


France | Nov 2012 | 35:00
Director: Fabien Loïacono
Claire, a young accountancy student, is facing a difficult pregnancy alone. David has lost his job while Mateo, a Spanish delinquent, tries to drown h...
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