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  • Date of completion: October 2012
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Image from Mi Ojo Derecho

Mi Ojo Derecho

Spain | Oct 2012 | 13:56
Director: Josecho De Linares
Zurdo maintained a special relationship with his grandmother. Since he went away to study they have lost contact. On the last day of summer Zurdo deci...
Image from Reverie


India | Oct 2012 | 10:00
Director: Dhruva Bordoloi
Justin, a writer, is in deep conflict with his career, marriage, memories and his reverie.
Image from La Tierra Seca

La Tierra Seca

Spain | Oct 2012 | 18:00
Director: Karlos Alastruey
After the collapse of Capitalism and the disintegration of the European states, a family tries to survive in the outskirts of a devastated city.

Then We Are Together

United Kingdom | Oct 2012 | 10:36
Director: Richard J. Moir
A man finds happiness when he comes across a super 8 camera at a market, and it brings him a moment he never thought he'd experience again.
Image from Martha und Karl

Martha und Karl

Germany | Oct 2012 | 8:00
Director: Julia Walter
Martha, who delivers the newspaper during her retirement, disposes her newspaper bundles on Karl’s property. The elderly man is of course not quite pl...
Image from První Rybka

První Rybka

Czech Republic | Oct 2012 | 13:25
Director: Veronika Göttlichová
An old fisherman sits by the sea, catching small glittering fishes, symbolizing his memories. A little girl searches, but doesn’t seem to be able to f...

The Man in the Dark

Canada | Oct 2012 | 19:36
Director: Samuel Desrosiers
Since 17th century witch hunts, the Man in the Dark returns for a short time collecting the souls of men and women. When strange occurrences start to ...
Image from Faraways


Australia | Oct 2012 | 9:35
Director: Audrey Lam
An empty urban landscape echoes the isolation of two girls far from home.


India | Oct 2012 | 20:28
Director: Vijendra Verma
A guy loves and dies on a whore name Chandni. He has got married but he hadn’t even touched to his wife yet. He ever dreams of Chandni, the whore, He ...
Image from Zweibettzimmer


Germany | Oct 2012 | 9:18
Director: Fabian Giessler
Two old men share a hospital room, in which the window is the only connection to the outside world and thus becomes a highly demanded resource.
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