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  • Date of completion: March 2012
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Image from Vzorec Iz Otroštva

Vzorec Iz Otroštva

Slovenia | Mar 2012 | 15:05
Directors: Miha Artnak, Tilen Sepič
It was the summer of 2011 and the internationally known graffiti provocateur The Miha Artnak went with his friends to do a graffiti project in the mid...
Image from Prora


Switzerland | Mar 2012 | 23:00
Director: Stéphane Riethauser
Prora, on the Baltic Sea. Mysterious, endless. In this deserted former Nazi holiday camp, German and French teenagers Jan and Matthieu embark on an ad...
Image from 8 Billion

8 Billion

Qatar | Mar 2012 | 27:00
Director: Riad Makdessi
Two strangers to a foreign land find each other by chance, and, after a somewhat disastrous first date; fall in love in a romance that could have come...
Image from Brightwood


United States | Mar 2012 | 19:00
Director: Lautaro Gabriel Gonda
Sparrow, age 10, wakes one morning to find a nest of baby mice in her sock drawer. She takes them to her sanctuary in a run-down house in the forest, ...
5 awards
Image from U.H.T.


Belgium | Mar 2012 | 18:12
Director: Guillaume Senez
Every day, Sophie sees her husband Augustin leaving the house to work for his small dairy farm. He gives all his strength to his work. Yet, since some...
Image from Racing Time

Racing Time

United Kingdom | Mar 2012 | 3:10
Directors: Adele Myers, Ra Page
A 70-year-old fell runner travels across rough terrain, in extreme weather conditions, to reach his ultimate goal.
Image from Al Telefono

Al Telefono

Italy | Mar 2012 | 8:31
Director: Simona Irrera
Emanuela is back home to have dinner, she receives several phone calls: her mum over-control her, the travel agency cancels her holiday, then, her fri...
Image from Reiko's Hina Dolls

Reiko's Hina Dolls

Canada | Mar 2012 | 15:00
Director: Komaki Matsui
It's 1935. A Japanese family making their start in Canada receives a special gift from the country they left behind - a beautiful set of Hina dolls. T...

Lovebound: Love Abounds

United States | Mar 2012 | 21:40
Director: Ryan McDuffie
Action. Betrayal. Therapy. Heartbroken naif Henry Stain is about to see it all.

La Mesa

Puerto Rico | Mar 2012 | 3:00
Director: Julio Benito Cabrera
Different generations spend time to share one common need.
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