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  • Date of completion: January 2012
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The Dark Night

Italy | Jan 2012 | 22:00
Director: Daniel Marini
A woman stares at a crack on a door and relives a memory from another life.
Image from Reboot


United States | Jan 2012 | 39:56
Director: Joe Kawasaki
A young female hacker races against time to figure out the code on an iPhone that is glued to her hand.
Image from En Las Vegas

En Las Vegas

Mexico | Jan 2012 | 28:12
Director: Antonio Hamet
Un escritor frustrado por no terminar su historia despierta una mañana en medio de la nada, su inconcluso cuento ha sido robado. Sólo hay una carta ce...
Image from Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight

United Kingdom | Jan 2012 | 13:53
Director: Mark Playne
A lonely young man makes increasingly creative attempts to attract the attention of the girl of his dreams.
68 awards


Turkey | Jan 2012 | 8:28
Director: Koray Sevindi
The attendant in the Society for the Protection of Children realizes that every morning one loaf of bread is missing in the storeroom. First, he think...

The Things My Father Never Taught Me

Australia | Jan 2012 | 7:00
Director: Burleigh Smith
Melvin gives dating advice to his three-year-old son.


Australia | Jan 2012 | 14:55
Director: Rudolf Fitzgerald-Leonard
Lauchlan joins his older brother amidst the snow, in search of their missing father. He will discover more than he’s willing to find.
Image from Five Six Seven Eight!

Five Six Seven Eight!

United Kingdom | Jan 2012 | 9:45
Director: Felipe Bustos Sierra
After failing to talk to the pretty volunteer, a young man overcompensates by starting off a chain reaction of events to catch her eye.
Image from Hourglass


Norway | Jan 2012 | 16:10
Director: Pedro Collantes
In a small residential town by the Trondheim’s fjord Anna and Anton are starting to enter into adolescence. They live in a place where nature is as sp...


India | Jan 2012 | 19:00
Director: Raahat Jiloha
In 2011, a year after the Mumbai blasts that took place in the local trains, there is news of a bomb being discovered in a taxi outside a Local Train ...
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