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Image from Just One Day

Just One Day

United Kingdom | May 2012 | 3:03
Director: Nigel Stewart
Apathy and complacence are the enemy.


Ireland | Aug 2012 | 18:00
Director: Liam Upton
Éamonn and Sorcha's seemingly seperate lives are brought together by a tragic event in their future, no matter how hard they try, they can't prevent t...

I Still Adore You

United States | Apr 2012 | 25:00
Director: Josh Johnson
Moody blues, desperate blackmail and violent jealousy impact a young mechanic's love affair with his corrupt boss' beautiful wife.
Image from The Darkness

The Darkness

United Kingdom | Mar 2012 | 15:00
Director: Paul Hubber
Isabel is a young girl lost and alone who is struggling to come to terms with her abusive past and is plagued by a reoccurring nightmare.
Image from Imaginary Friend

Imaginary Friend

United States | Oct 2012 | 2:56
A boy sits alone on a playground, looking for a friend, but when he is approached by a young girl it becomes apparent things are not what they seem.
Image from Her Name is Crazy

Her Name is Crazy

France | May 2012 | 19:10
Directors: Arnaud Sadowski, Loïc Paillard
"It is not the destination, but the journey that matters. You probably think I'm crazy to be lying on that road... and you may be right. Loosing my mi...
Image from První Rybka

První Rybka

Czech Republic | Oct 2012 | 13:25
Director: Veronika Göttlichová
An old fisherman sits by the sea, catching small glittering fishes, symbolizing his memories. A little girl searches, but doesn’t seem to be able to f...

Who Killed the Bear?

United Kingdom | Nov 2012 | 4:02
Director: Daniel Rodriguez
An event took place over 120 years ago in a rural village of the Forest of Dean that left locals angered. Was this story just a gruesome fairy tale or...
Image from Deliverance


United States | Apr 2012 | 18:00
Director: Mario Pinzon
After the death of his niece, a priest is consumed with guilt. Family and friendship are put to the test as he struggles to regain his faith.
Image from The Box

The Box

United States | Oct 2012 | 27:00
Director: Melanie Scot
At the height of the American Civil War, two young lovers pledge their love and devotion as they plan their future together. Their lives are torn apar...
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