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Image from Una Hora, Un Paso

Una Hora, Un Paso

Spain | Dec 2012 | 13:29
Directors: Aitor Iturriza, Bernat Gual
Juan has been a prisoner in Egypt for 17 years. A team of reporters enters the prison to interview him.
Image from Inhumane Resources

Inhumane Resources

Italy | Apr 2012 | 20:00
Director: Michele Pastrello
In an industrial zone, four young people in white shirts and black ties fight against each other, with no rules and bare hands. Each of them wears a m...
Image from U.H.T.


Belgium | Mar 2012 | 18:12
Director: Guillaume Senez
Every day, Sophie sees her husband Augustin leaving the house to work for his small dairy farm. He gives all his strength to his work. Yet, since some...

Ben Saksı Değilim

Turkey | Sep 2012 | 13:40
Director: Burak Serin
She who was drawn to the pot,
Chased it blindly when vanished the spark
She could not find the light
But lost herself in the dark

Also an Artist - the Faces of Charles Lomek

Russia | Apr 2012 | 6:40
Director: Dmitry Kopytin
Charles Lomek is a simple man who wants to give his art to people for free.
Image from Stella Buio

Stella Buio

United States | Jul 2012 | 15:04
Director: Lori Bowen
Stella Buio is a medium who reconnects a grieving family with their deceased father... literally.

The Vehicle

Canada | Jun 2012 | 11:19
Director: O. Corbin Saleken
A man tries to convince a woman that they have a future together.
Image from Ariane - Je Suis Chatte

Ariane - Je Suis Chatte

France | Jul 2012 | 3:43
Director: Elisabeth Renault-Geslin
A woman compares herself to a cat.

14 Septembre

France | Sep 2012 | 13:52
Director: Christian McCallum
On an old wives' summer day in the capital, a young Russian is having trouble deciding on some life-changing stuff.

L'Éducation Sentimentale

Greece | May 2012 | 11:13
Director: Marianne Limnéu
It is two o'clock in the morning. A young woman, who lives with her boyfriend, is watching "Laura" and she is drinking wine. Then, she doesn't go to s...
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