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  • Date of completion: October 2011
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La Vida Tenía un Precio

Spain | Oct 2011 | 19:20
Director: Josep Farell
The society of consumption pursues and harasses to the free man to subject it to his service.

Charles et Moi, Arsène

France | Oct 2011 | 11:45
Director: David Stanislaw Prudhomme
Charles suffered a panic attack in a subway station three years ago. Since then, he is agoraphobic and rarely comes out of his home. His dailylife, he...

Black Mirror

India | Oct 2011 | 4:32
Director: Adi Burman
Ranu doesn’t own a place to stay. He lost his parents in bomb blast. He is hungry. There is a lot of beauty to watch in Mumbai but what about the pove...

The Collector

United Kingdom | Oct 2011 | 18:30
Director: Andrew Rainnie
A man has an obsessive compulsion for gathering materialistic possession. At three different ages throughout his life, he struggles against the neurot...

Rain of the Furies

United States | Oct 2011 | 26:00
Director: Derek Lindes
As the dawn of the 21st century wanes, the dark harsh din of western civilization pushes mortals up Mt. Olympus. Space is cramped and rage runs still ...

Night of the Rolling Dead

Canada | Oct 2011 | 5:24
Director: Darryl John
A little girl tries to get to grandma's house during a Zombie outbreak.
Image from Kasno Smo Se Sreli

Kasno Smo Se Sreli

Serbia | Oct 2011 | 14:52
Director: Marko Grba Singh
Zoran Papovic roams the streets of Belgrade.
Image from Cockatoo


Australia | Oct 2011 | 11:13
Director: Matthew Jenkin
A man with a broken heart tries to relive his failed relationship by hiring a young girl to play his ex-girlfriend. If only she could get the accent r...
Image from Flour Baby

Flour Baby

United States | Oct 2011 | 14:16
Director: Melissa Martin
An unusual class project brings a young girl face to face with the ghosts of her past.

Legenda o Sudu

Czech Republic | Oct 2011 | 17:40
Director: Mikolas Orlicky
A little girl is playing in a park making everyone to fall. A romance of two lovers changes into act full of animals. Old woman in a wedding dress is ...
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