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  • Date of completion: March 2011
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Personal REVolts

United States | Mar 2011 | 7:22
Director: Eddy Falconer
Gender-bent, assumed identities step beyond the bounds of acceptable political and social roles, referencing self-presentations against the grain.
Image from Into the Wake

Into the Wake

United States | Mar 2011 | 11:30
Director: Mark Wiegers
A child lost in the Tsunami returns as a ghost to bring closure to her grieving mother.

Take Out

Canada | Mar 2011 | 11:29
Director: Devinder Paul Singh
A bored Carlo, who works in his father's restaurant, has some plans for the day to make his life bit more interesting. But, a phone call threatens to ...
Image from Single Player

Single Player

Poland | Mar 2011 | 3:47
Director: Paweł Soja
A lonely boy encounters a supernatural basket.
Image from Mrs. Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room

Mrs. Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room

United Kingdom | Mar 2011 | 24:40
Director: Mike Le Han
Deep in a cornish village a little girl Eloise sits reading her book she's had since birth when shes distracted by movement from within the Reading Ro...

The Captivus

United States | Mar 2011 | 19:00
Six years. Two Friends. One Ship. Something has to give.

Put It Away

United States | Mar 2011 | 9:00
Director: Shane Harrington
A sailor who takes responsibility for a friendly-fire bombing decides whether or not to re-enlist after 17 years.

Coleccionista de Herridas

United States | Mar 2011 | 14:00
Director: Pedro G. Colón
A lonely woman remembering her wounds and struggles in life , questioning if there is a better way to live without heavy weight on her shoulders and c...

L'Oiseau de Chine

France | Mar 2011 | 13:00
Director: Eloissa Florez
Eva, jeune et belle femme, découvre la vie de sa chaise roulante. Lors d'un weekend chez sa cousine, elle va avoir son premier rendez-vous organisé pa...


Turkey | Mar 2011 | 9:59
Director: Ali Tansu Turhan
Bir ressam, yeni şeyler çizememesini kız arkadaşına bağlar. Ve kız arkadaşından ayrılma kararı alır. Ancan nasıl ayrılacağını ve sonuçlarının ne olaca...
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