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  • Date of completion: March 2011
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Korea, South | Mar 2011 | 8:35
Director: Hyunsoo Lee
In a class room, a girl is sitting on the desk, solving a math quiz.
Image from L'ora blu - Blaue Stunde

L'ora blu - Blaue Stunde

Switzerland | Mar 2011 | 5:30
Director: Davide Crivelli
Harry and Isabel, young couple, go to a concert that takes place in a small theatre. On stage there’s a musician playing the prelude of the Cello Suit...


Turkey | Mar 2011 | 9:59
Director: Ali Tansu Turhan
Bir ressam, yeni şeyler çizememesini kız arkadaşına bağlar. Ve kız arkadaşından ayrılma kararı alır. Ancan nasıl ayrılacağını ve sonuçlarının ne olaca...
Image from Into the Wake

Into the Wake

United States | Mar 2011 | 11:30
Director: Mark Wiegers
A child lost in the Tsunami returns as a ghost to bring closure to her grieving mother.
Image from The Medic

The Medic

Malta | Mar 2011 | 11:20
Director: Ray Mizzi
A German war veteran recalls an episode during the final days of the German empire, when he encountered a British Medic.
Image from El Mimo y la Mariposa Negra

El Mimo y la Mariposa Negra

Canada | Mar 2011 | 4:55
Director: Jose Luis Saturno
Marcelo finds himself at the doors of the underworld, where he will attempt to teach death how to laugh in exchange for a second chance at life.

Image from MyShoes


Italy | Mar 2011 | 10:50
Director: Elisa Resinaro
A boy is driving at crazy speed on a highway with an injured girl by his side. Who or what are they running away from? How is the ring of a mobile pho...
Image from Minuto 200

Minuto 200

Colombia | Mar 2011 | 18:30
Director: Frank Benitez
An old woman who lives alone is convinced that death will come knocking on her door as soon as she has sold the last minute of a cellphone airtime.
4 awards
Image from Condor


Chile | Mar 2011 | 7:03
Director: Erwin Gómez
In the desert of Atacama in 1530 a messenger of the Inca Empire (chaski) is attracted by the sun god at the summit of the mountain.
Image from Хэнд-мейд


Ukraine | Mar 2011 | 15:04
Director: Artur Kapinus
Alyosha, a boy of 11, finds old Soviet roller-skates. He remodels them with a colour scotch tape and arrives skating to the central park.
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