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  • Date of completion: March 2011
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Image from Pelvis


Australia | Mar 2011 | 7:15
Director: Anthony Bethell
Aaron, a landscaper, has a dream to make it big as an Elvis impersonator.

Schipper & Zoon

Netherlands | Mar 2011 | 20:00
Director: Loeske Bult
A father and son live together. Father is 85 and has poor eyesight, but still takes care of his 43 year old son who is mentally challenged. They have ...
Image from Silêncio 63

Silêncio 63

Brazil | Mar 2011 | 24:00
Director: Fábio Nascimento
Forty-seven years after a bloody encounter between workers in strike from a steel factory in Ipatinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil, and the military forces, ...
1 award
Image from The First Interview

The First Interview

Australia | Mar 2011 | 15:00
Director: Dennis Tupicoff
In the world's first media interview, shot in Paris in August 1886, the great photographer Nadar interviews the famous scientist and sceptic Chevreul ...


Germany | Mar 2011 | 5:46
Directors: Martin Groetzschel, Benjamin Manderbach
The dance, as a feeling of individuality is quickly threatened by the march of the masses. A barefoot dancer is about to discover his own dance and no...

El Somriure Amagat

Spain | Mar 2011 | 13:00
Director: Ventura Durall
A 10-year-old boy arrives to the Ethiopian capital after running away from home, and he encounters a group of street children.
Image from Al-mobarmagun


Egypt | Mar 2011 | 18:54
Director: Mohamed Ali Maher
When the programming process starts, there won’t be any possibility to escape, all directions and opinions become one, all turns into a reflection of ...

Chateau Mouton Rothshild

France | Mar 2011 | 19:59
Director: Louis Aubert
Naima is the charwoman of Étienne, an ex restaurant critic. One day, she sees him with a bottle of wine and shows a real talent for enology. Then, no ...

L'Oiseau de Chine

France | Mar 2011 | 13:00
Director: Eloissa Florez
Eva, jeune et belle femme, découvre la vie de sa chaise roulante. Lors d'un weekend chez sa cousine, elle va avoir son premier rendez-vous organisé pa...
Image from Aynıymış...


Turkey | Mar 2011 | 2:47
Director: Çiğdem Topaloğlu
Deniz (27) while jogging on the treadmill feels herself bad and stops it. Her pulse is high. She sits on a sofa for relaxing. A young man who notices ...
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