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  • Date of completion: February 2011
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A Death Defying Act

United States | Feb 2011 | 30:00
Director: Chris Weiher
During the final rehearsal for his latest semi-autobiographical play, Douglas still cannot decide what direction he wants it to go in. Matters only ge...
Image from Lily


Australia | Feb 2011 | 15:00
Director: Scott Lewis
An old man from another time wakes from a dream. A young woman enters a warehouse party presently. And a young man is on a strange train journey where...
Image from Je Déteste

Je Déteste

Spain | Feb 2011 | 8:13
Director: Juan Manuel Aragón
Victor hates football, hates young people, hates tattoos, hates Ché Guevara t-shirts.
Victor is mad with the world. But, in fact, what is what Victor...
Image from Conscientia


Czech Republic | Feb 2011 | 6:59
Director: Lukas Placek
What you have to do to hate yourself? Does your conscience really matter?

A Farewell to Bill

United States | Feb 2011 | 8:50
Directors: Brennan Clark, Kyle Crews
Bill is off to save the environment, but first he must bid a few friends farewell.

Snuffed After a Slow Drag

United States | Feb 2011 | 15:46
Director: Jesse Miksic
Perot, a 20-something Brooklynite, has gotten into a habit: every day at sunset, he sits beside a girl at the 69th Street pier in Brooklyn. He never i...
Image from Disha


India | Feb 2011 | 24:30
Director: Jyotirmoy Ghosh
A group of men follow the clues of a deceased friend.
Image from Super M Adventures

Super M Adventures

Lithuania | Feb 2011 | 6:17
Director: Arunas Eimulis
It's a Bird...It's a Plane...No, It's a Super M. He's here to save us earthlings from horribe and danger creatures in cheap costumes. He's using his s...
Image from Terapia


Spain | Feb 2011 | 17:00
Director: Marc Nadal
Jorge came in a flat running away from something. There he meets a young girl. Neither of them remember how they got there. They together discover tha...
Image from A Life on Facebook

A Life on Facebook

France | Feb 2011 | 3:00
Director: Maxime Luère
A man's life told through the Facebook interface, from his date of subscription to his death. The day Alex Droner subscribes to Facebook, his life get...
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