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  • Date of completion: January 2011
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Image from Shéhérazade et le Délice Casher

Shéhérazade et le Délice Casher

France | Jan 2011 | 20:00
Director: Agnès Caffin
A young woman wearing a tee shirt “I’m Muslim, Don’t Panic” heads straight to the Jewish section of Paris to apply for the job of cook at a Kosher res...
Image from Cette Obscure Tentation

Cette Obscure Tentation

France | Jan 2011 | 25:55
Director: Renaud Ducoing
Mathilde, a paraplegic young woman, falls in a dark morbid masochism. Physical masochism but also moral, imagining herself "genetically racist". Daily...
Image from Ante


United Kingdom | Jan 2011 | 19:00
Director: Chris Cronin
How much is your life worth to you? Bids end in fifteen minutes, may the best man win, but then the other one isn't going to be around to complain abo...
Image from Linda


Canada | Jan 2011 | 8:45
Director: John Ward
Conflic erupts between a writer and director as they record the commentary for a film about domestic violence. Ben and Linda are caught in a cycle of ...
Image from Weinsinn


Germany | Jan 2011 | 12:45
Director: Eduardo Serrano
On a wine trip through the Pfalz wine region in Germany, two girls discover vineyards and visit a female winemaker.
Image from Km. 45

Km. 45

Spain | Jan 2011 | 11:00
Director: Pau Cantos Simón
A bloodied young biker awakens in a deserted road.
His solitude is interrupted by the arrival of a stranger who will change his life.
Image from Log Out

Log Out

Greece | Jan 2011 | 9:17
Director: Ismini Gkouta
The day starts for a technology man, who is ready to make a big professional deal. Obstacles should not get in his way.


Turkey | Jan 2011 | 5:46
Director: Bulut Üstündağ
A woman thinks that she is hallucinating a man who is chasing her. She is trying to escape this dreamy situation.

La Femme Enfant

France | Jan 2011 | 3:18
Director: Diane Sara
Facing a psychological burn out, a famous singer sinks into depression as she is harassed by the paparazzi. Alone and desperate by the time she wasted...

Black Red Yellow

United States | Jan 2011 | 19:40
Directors: Andrew Abrahamson, Erik Cardona
Opposites attract when blue and white collar criminals, Gary Reed and Jeff Lazinsky, meet for the first time. Thick as thieves, the two must find a wa...
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