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  • Date of completion: January 2011
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Image from Dulce


Spain | Jan 2011 | 14:00
Director: Iván Ruiz Flores
In that house Sweetness is said to dwell. Its window reflects the lovely story hidden inside.
Image from The Voice of God

The Voice of God

India | Jan 2011 | 9:35
Director: Bernd Luetzeler
If God would come down to earth and try to earn a living in Bombay, most probably he would very soon become successful as a voice over artiste, lendin...
Image from Nowhere Road

Nowhere Road

United States | Jan 2011 | 13:30
Director: Benjamin Dynice
When three innocuous college kids find themselves stranded on the side of an empty desert highway, their only hope of salvation comes in the form of t...
Image from La Chaîne

La Chaîne

France | Jan 2011 | 13:30
Director: Xavier Cazaux-Zago
One evening, an anonymous young man is kidnapped on his way home by two massive men in black. Chained like a dog in a huge warehouse, where our eyes l...
Image from A City Symphony Underground

A City Symphony Underground

United States | Jan 2011 | 12:42
Director: Catherine Stratton
The New York City Subway is over 100 years old but it continues to do what it has always done; take people where they want to go. Yet, the ride is alw...
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Image from Live Outside the Box

Live Outside the Box

Taiwan | Jan 2011 | 4:19
Director: Shu-Hsuan Lin
By the advancement of the technology and network, people believe that the field of their vision is broadened, but on the other hand, they might neglec...
Image from Remake


Australia | Jan 2011 | 6:13
Director: Chris Tomkins
A quick smash and grab. A haul too big to carry. The full Star Wars box set (including those prequels that nobody liked). What goes in the sack?
Image from American Gumbo

American Gumbo

United States | Jan 2011 | 18:27
Director: Jonathan Jackson
8 young adults sit down and talk honestly and candidly about post-Katrina New Orleans.
Image from So Long Island

So Long Island

Laos | Jan 2011 | 7:17
Directors: Thi-Von Muong-Hane, Chongkham Phonekeo, Vilakone Phachanthavong
Tuvalu is a small lagoon in the pacific ocean. But because of the climate change, everybody is leaving this heaven... everybody, except one man who is...
Image from Entre Nous

Entre Nous

Belgium | Jan 2011 | 4:34
Director: Sébastien Kotev
Eaten by solitude in his work-shop, an old painter imagines himself a romantic affair with his muse.
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