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  • Date of completion: January 2011
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Image from 舞

Singapore | Jan 2011 | 8:08
Director: Edwin Ho
1940s, Su Yan (Natasha Quek) resigns to fate of being the fourth mistress in a rich and powerful household of a young master, Zhang Li (Jerry Yeo). Kn...
Image from Vecindario Robot

Vecindario Robot

Spain | Jan 2011 | 2:57
Director: Luis Marco
The arrival of a new robot will alter the neighborhood's quiet life.
Image from Badpakje 46

Badpakje 46

Belgium | Jan 2011 | 15:00
Director: Wannes Destoop
Chantal, a chubby girl of twelve, is having a hard time finding her way through life. She doesn't have a lot of friends, and at home she can only turn...

Um Conto À Deriva

Brazil | Jan 2011 | 15:24
Director: Germano Oliveira
Cássio is a photographer... but just today.
Image from Soner ar glav

Soner ar glav

Mongolia | Jan 2011 | 14:00
Director: Giil Taws
Deep in Mongolia, among the free nomads of the north, lived a musician whose life had been darken by a spell that made the rain each time he played. O...
Image from বাবা


India | Jan 2011 | 9:32
Director: Surya Samaddar
An old man, who stays at an old age home, is brought to a cancer research institute. He has come to meet his son who is admitted there. His son is on ...

Gercek Bir Hikayeden Uyarlanmistir

Turkey | Jan 2011 | 18:53
Director: Kerem Keskin
Salih watches a movie. The bag full of money is forgotten in the middle of the valley, at the end of the movie. Salih believes that the money is still...


Canada | Jan 2011 | 5:56
Director: Aadhi Vive
Nasser Younis Khan has a highly respectable degree from a top school in England and a career in architecture that is quickly blossoming in Asia. Fille...
Image from 15 Summers Later

15 Summers Later

Norway | Jan 2011 | 5:00
Director: Pedro Collantes
It’s a fine and warm sunny day at a beach in the Trondheim’s fjord. Laila and Aksel, a couple in their late twenties, enjoy the opportunity to relax a...
Image from So Long Island

So Long Island

Laos | Jan 2011 | 7:17
Directors: Thi-Von Muong-Hane, Chongkham Phonekeo, Vilakone Phachanthavong
Tuvalu is a small lagoon in the pacific ocean. But because of the climate change, everybody is leaving this heaven... everybody, except one man who is...
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