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Canada | Jan 2011 | 5:56
Director: Aadhi Vive
Nasser Younis Khan has a highly respectable degree from a top school in England and a career in architecture that is quickly blossoming in Asia. Fille...
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Poland | Dec 2011 | 9:00
Director: Zbigniew Czapla
In May 2010, after record rainfall, flash flood broke embankments of the Vistula near Wilkow. Catastrophic flooding deprived thousands of people of al...

Double Black

United States | May 2011 | 8:00
Director: Sara Woomer
A man goes to rescue his ex-girlfriend from an underground ski cult.
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Sri Lanka | Nov 2011 | 4:52
Director: Senal Dharmasiri
Hashan Warnakulasooriya and Amila Kobbakaduwa used to be friends since their childhood. They both (Amila and Hashan) develop a crush on Shanika Hapuga...

A Story About Ian

United States | Mar 2011 | 21:36
Director: Filip K. Kasperaszek
Ian is a not-so-recent graduate of a Photography department at one of prestigious American Universities. Currently he’s struggling with a sense of mea...

The Garden and the Wilderness

United States | Jun 2011 | 27:14
Director: Craig Whitney
An ageing ranch hand has spent decades caring for a private hunting ranch. When he learns that the decaying estate will be sold to developers followin...

Day of Vengeance

United States | Jul 2011 | 34:58
Director: Derek Johnson
A brazen white supremacist leader is accused of murder. His African-American lawyer is conficted in defending him, because he set the groundwork to le...


Bangladesh | Apr 2011 | 7:12
Director: Mahdy Hasan
He knows he is dreaming. What he doesn't know is the difference between his dreams and the reality. To get things back to the normal, he takes the ris...

Poetry Slash No.1

Germany | Feb 2011 | 19:30
Director: Sascha Dornhöfer
Will be reported murders and other serious crimes from viewers or listeners perceived as harmless, if the murder is a extreme lovely child and the who...
Image from Soner ar glav

Soner ar glav

Mongolia | Jan 2011 | 14:00
Director: Giil Taws
Deep in Mongolia, among the free nomads of the north, lived a musician whose life had been darken by a spell that made the rain each time he played. O...
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