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Bang Bang

Belgium | Jun 2011 | 19:45
Director: Raphaël Le Toux Lungo
Amedea has a lot of thing for be happy. Amedea is rich. Amedea has a brother who are a fashion designer, Giorgio Vivarelli. Amedea loves Giorgio. Gior...

Grassy Knoll Edge

Japan | Sep 2011 | 1:00
Director: Yasuyuki Kubota
Two men have conversation when one of them has a moment of genius.
Image from L.A. Love Story Part 1

L.A. Love Story Part 1

United States | Apr 2011 | 24:36
Director: Sergio Myers
Otis is a reality Television show creator and Cynthia an aspiring actress, each find themselves faced with temptations of infidelity and drugs while t...

El Sandara

Egypt | May 2011 | 19:20
Director: Mohamed Shawky
there are things we have no daily relationship with,but that we cannot live without. they remain stuck between the past and present,between sky and ea...
Image from JustUs


United States | Jul 2011 | 6:00
Director: Lori Bowen
A woman captures the man responsible for the rape and murder of her sister and eleven other women after he's released from custody on a technicality.
Image from A Cova

A Cova

Portugal | Jan 2011 | 12:32
Director: Luís Alves
Cruz and Queimado are two criminals who have to dispose of a dead body. An innocent fisherman will alter their plans and their lives permanently.

Brigada X

Poland | Jul 2011 | 10:17
Director: Salvador Guerrero
In 1937, two members of an international brigade are lost in the woods in the middle of border between Czechoslovakia and Poland trying to enter the c...
Image from United


United States | Oct 2011 | 8:00
Director: Jesse Schoem
“Sneakers” strikes out in the world of women often until a chance encounter with “Untied shoes”. A guy who is always in control wrestles physically an...


Netherlands | Apr 2011 | 13:57
Director: Vincent Nijman
A man isolates himself in order to write and is soon confronted with a lot of mixed emotions.
Image from Ballet of Unhatched Chicks

Ballet of Unhatched Chicks

United States | Jan 2011 | 2:00
Director: Shaun Seong-Young Kim
Chicks just hatching out from eggs get a spotlight from the world. They celebrate this warm and happy moment together with dancing ballet together.
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