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  • Date of completion: June 2010
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Image from Najlepsze Kąski Na Wagonach

Najlepsze Kąski Na Wagonach

Poland | Jun 2010 | 19:45
Director: Jakub Pączek
You can be anyone once for a while, but you are born to be a train conductor just the once.
Image from Sing Me To Sleep

Sing Me To Sleep

Norway | Jun 2010 | 29:45
Director: Magnus Arnesen
Robert, a forty year old postal worker, lives with his sick mother in a small village in Western Norway. His mother's final wish before she dies, is t...
5 awards
Image from Ahnectha


Turkey | Jun 2010 | 13:59
Director: Can Eren
Everything will end after the deep silence. You will have daughters who stay because of the voices within. And then we will silence their voices.

The Monkey and the Quiet Corpse

United States | Jun 2010 | 7:23
Director: Adam C. Thomas
A heroin addict loses his grip on sanity, and his world, centered around a clapper monkey toy, begins to unravel.

The Missing Marionette

Greece | Jun 2010 | 16:42
Director: Roula Koutrouli
When his life is only a nightmare and her life is only a dream, the young marionetist finds a place to be.

Encuentros Afortunados

Spain | Jun 2010 | 3:50
Director: Pau Cantos Simón
Un mensaje escrito en un periodico parece ser la solucion a dos parejas a punto de romperse.

Al Mogrem

Egypt | Jun 2010 | 3:25
Director: Heba Helal
A criminal is trying to escape from the police and go to the place where will be the trap.
Image from Zoi


Greece | Jun 2010 | 6:13
Director: Michalis Lygkiaris
A man has just been informed that he suffers from a terminal illness
Image from 36eme Sous-sol

36eme Sous-sol

France | Jun 2010 | 12:49
Director: Pierre-Henri Debies
Four people with dark secrets are in elevator. They don't know each other, how they got there, or why they're there... and the elevator goes down.
Image from Thinami


United States | Jun 2010 | 7:37
Director: Alden Miranda
Undercover detective Jack Harding walks into a situation he is not quite prepared for.
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