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  • Date of completion: April 2010
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Image from These Four Walls

These Four Walls

United States | Apr 2010 | 10:19
Director: Cedric Chabloz
Pete Sandusky, a Homicide Detective and Blake Wilson, a suspected serial killer will be forever linked. Sandusky has been investigating a series of ri...
Image from The Story of David Leonard Sutton

The Story of David Leonard Sutton

Spain | Apr 2010 | 3:55
Director: Alfonso Díaz
Everybody loves David Leonard Sutton. Everybody except me.
Image from Love Drops

Love Drops

Bulgaria | Apr 2010 | 0:30
Director: Lyubo Yonchev
Hot wet bodies and drops of pure love

Levi's "True Love"

United States | Apr 2010 | 2:30
Director: Ezra Stanley
It's the mid 1960's and a young couple have secluded themselves in the darkness of the night a little too well. Oh the craziest things happen at Lover...
Image from Gang of Boys

Gang of Boys

United States | Apr 2010 | 37:30
Director: Mike Morelli
A Man runs for mayor in a small town in the late 1990's
Image from Cina


France | Apr 2010 | 17:00
Director: Ingrid Franchi
On the outskirts of Cina, air is getting rare. Only the rich can buy oxygen bottles from the occasional dealer. The lack of fresh air causes physical ...
Image from Nola


France | Apr 2010 | 25:00
Director: Askia Traoré
A special day in the life of Nola, her first leave after years of detention. The portrait of a woman around whom the world is teetering.
Image from Iz Qala

Iz Qala

Azerbaijan | Apr 2010 | 28:10
Director: Shamil Aliyev
There were more than forty fortresses in the villages surrounding Baku area, but only one, located 25 kilometers to the north-east, was named Fortress...
Image from Even


Australia | Apr 2010 | 9:22
Director: Alexei Mizin
On a typical morning Mike receives a distress call for help. Compelled by the past, Mike is soon forced to come face to face with his memories and fea...
Image from Kadunud


Estonia | Apr 2010 | 17:10
Director: Tat Okada
A young logistics manager feels trapped between the office walls and grey city streets. Desperately waiting for a change, he unexpectedly gets a once-...
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