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Image from Ao Meu Pai com Carinho

Ao Meu Pai com Carinho

Brazil | May 2010 | 15:00
Director: Fausto Noro
Marcio, a young upper-middle-class boy, suffers an express kidnap. The hijackers make a call to a wrong phone number and end up negotiating with Bruno...
Image from O Céu No Andar De Baixo

O Céu No Andar De Baixo

Brazil | Nov 2010 | 15:00
Director: Leonardo Cata Preta
Since the 12-year-old Francisco make sky photographs. One day, something different appears in one of your photos changing his routine.
Image from Духот На Татко Ми

Духот На Татко Ми

Macedonia | Mar 2010 | 39:00
Director: Goran Trenchovski
The actor Risto Shishkov was accused for enemy activity underlined with Macedonian nationalism and chauvinism in Yugoslavia. The paradoxical process a...


United Kingdom | May 2010 | 9:57
Director: Steve Churchett
In five days time, student, Ben foster has to have completed his final year film script. The only problem is since he quit smoking two months previous...
Image from Amour Fou

Amour Fou

Germany | Jan 2010 | 16:00
Director: Oliver Kracht
Summer. At night. On the edge of the city. The unsuccessful small-time crook Marek flees from the police into a 24-hour launderette. He hides his prey...
Image from Never Winter

Never Winter

United States | Mar 2010 | 30:00
Director: Moe Charif
An only child, Chloe Hammond, seeks a better life away from her abusive, drug addict mother.

Dr. Zack

Canada | Dec 2010 | 14:00
Director: Yilmaz Vurucu
Zack (seven years old) is studying medicine. A mysterious book thrusts him into a fantasy world filled with definitions, symptoms and cures. Failing t...


Argentina | Apr 2010 | 10:35
Director: Monica Lairana
In the absolute silence of her home, Rosa, an elderly woman, bathes herself, cooks, eats, watches television, looks for company and smokes alone by th...
Image from The Real Girl's Guide to Everything Else

The Real Girl's Guide to Everything Else

United States | Feb 2010 | 34:35
Director: Heather De Michele
A journalist, nearly dropped by her agent because her work is too smart, political, lesbian and feminist, goes undercover as a glitter-wearing, shoe-o...
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Image from Yek Chiz

Yek Chiz

Iran | Apr 2010 | 39:00
Director: Mohamad Pourfar
Watching a film that he had made, Baqer, a schizophrenic patient of an insane asylum, remembers details of his own past.
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