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Paparazzi Pepe

Spain | Jul 2010 | 4:02
Director: Pedro J. Poveda
A Paparazzi looks for the exclusive of the summer. A bullfighter is cheating his wife, and he has to do something about it.
Image from Condemned


United States | Jan 2010 | 14:00
Director: Oren Shai
1959. Desperate, branded, forgotten by the law, Female Convict #1031 fights to stay alive in the concrete womb. Condemned by her fellow inmates and in...


Portugal | Mar 2010 | 10:26
Director: Patrício Faísca
Amidst the chaos of war, a soldier is determined to carry out his mission: to deliver a message in the middle of the battlefield.
Image from Tea and Destiny

Tea and Destiny

United States | May 2010 | 6:00
Celeste Guilliams knows it's time to let her father know she is leaving home. She is 18 and on her own, but what she doesn't realize is her transition...


Netherlands | Sep 2010 | 2:00
Director: Coen Janssen
In hallicunant colours through plant-like structures and bright red pink skies, colourful organic forms move over the screen. The forms are textured a...
Image from Wake


United States | Aug 2010 | 6:57
Directors: Chiara Armentano, Jason Filmore
Samael and Laurel spend the night together. In the middle of the night she wakes up and decides to leave, not imagining Samael's violent reaction.
Image from Les Enfants de la Mer/mère

Les Enfants de la Mer/mère

Belgium | Jun 2010 | 25:00
Director: Annabel Verbeke
Ostend's Ibis is a boarding school for boys who come from troubled homes or who have behavioural problems. Many of these children are missing one of t...
7 awards


Vietnam | Nov 2010 | 15:00
Director: Tran Ly Tri Tan
A profiteer, who specializes in selling stolen Zippo lighters, makes a deal with a little boy.
Image from The Calculus of Love

The Calculus of Love

United Kingdom | Jun 2010 | 14:15
Director: Dan Clifton
Mathematics Professor AG Bowers is obsessed with solving the 250 year old Goldbach Conjecture. When a series of mystery letters arrive hinting at a so...

Lara's New Knit Pullover

Germany | 2010
Director: Lisa Ecker
Lara's pretty knit pullover is getting too small. Where can she get a proper substitute real quick? The search for a new favourite pullover turns out ...
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