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Circuito Interno

Brazil | Apr 2010 | 13:00
Director: Julio Marti
Elias, an illegal Bolivian immigrant, pressed by his colleagues, looks for a way to baptize his nephew.
Image from Herkesin Bir Sansi Olmali

Herkesin Bir Sansi Olmali

Turkey | Aug 2010 | 17:16
Director: Mehmet Emrah Erkanı
Atif drives a taxi for a living. And bets on horse races, dogs and hangs around looking for easy money. Mahir who is an old friend of Atif, comes from...
Image from Tupperware S3

Tupperware S3

Belgium | Jan 2010 | 3:09
Director: Charline Lancel
Display of a Tupperware product S3.

The Lost Town of Świteź

Poland | Dec 2010 | 20:00
Director: Kamil Polak
19th century – age of romanticism. An accidental traveler discovers the secret of a ghostly town at the bottom of a forgotten lake.

Sevgiye Götüren Yumak

Turkey | Feb 2010 | 7:09
Director: Sefa Sürücü
Çocukların ellerine verilen oyuncaklar , ülkelerin kaderlerini belirler...
Image from Goodbye Shanghai

Goodbye Shanghai

China | Jun 2010 | 12:00
Director: Adam Christian Clark
After embezzling $14 billion for the US Government, two Western bankers must survive one last night in Shanghai.
Image from Job Interview with a Vampire

Job Interview with a Vampire

United Kingdom | Nov 2010 | 10:43
Director: Sarah Steel
It's always difficult to recruit good staff, and interviewing applicants can be a procedural nightmare. Jack, Gary and Bobby do their best but after a...
Image from Lagrimas


Brazil | Feb 2010 | 14:00
Director: Fabiano Moura
Dream and reality join, when a housewife takes advantage of her husband trip, with their son, to fall in temptation.
Image from Ik Ben een Meisje!

Ik Ben een Meisje!

Netherlands | Oct 2010 | 15:00
Director: Susan Koenen
Every 13-year-old girl dreams of that nice, but hard-to-get, boy. And Joppe is no different, consulting her friend on how to ask Brian out. But just h...
Image from Above Ruby

Above Ruby

New Zealand | Apr 2010 | 7:00
Director: Jeff Kennedy
Ruby heads to work in the morning as usual, but she is surprised when a stranger arrives to collect her car, claiming to have purchased it on-line.
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